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  • Hi Doug
    Great upload as always enjoyed it brother just want to say i am so pleased we connected up and i get great insights from your work in our chats by skype as well you just keep rocking on and one day operation sheeple will be in every ones face and they will have no place to turn and that’s when your great work will show its true worth to all 😉
    have a great day peace out paul uk

  • Hey Doug,

    I always wonder if you just repeating the same material again and don’t have anything new or original to share. Could it be that possibly you have scrapped the end of the barrel and that there’s nothing left it in? Have you reach the point already where the Ego has fully been criticized to the max that there’s nothing left to criticize anymore since it’s so limited?

    After all, you even said it yourself:

    “I say this time and time again…It starts with you”

    Got anything else new to offer other than the same thing over and over again?

    • I enjoy doing the short diatribes. People like it or they don’t, it doesn’t bother me either way. However, there are new guitar riffs in this one and I’ve posted some new photography as well.

    • I see Doug’s diatribes as truth art. The consortium uses repetition to beat a false reality into the minds of the masses. The truth can not be repeated enough, people need to wake and not be controlled by a false reality.

      • Thank you so much Cal! I know that I tend to be a bit repetitive at times but sometimes the message needs to be hammered home, so to speak. I’m so sick of all of the fake, disingenuous BS that permeates this clusterfuck that we laughingly call “culture.” It saddens me that sometimes folks get upset that all of the time that I give isn’t enough. I don’t run advertisements and I ask for nothing. I never ran ads on my youtube channel and I won’t do it here on my website. I do a lot of volunteer work in my community and I never ask for a god damned thing in return. If what I do isn’t enough for some people then it’s certainly not my problem.

        What takes 10 minutes to listen to in the form of a podcast or diatribe, takes me hours to produce; there’s a lot that goes into it. If people appreciate it fine, if not, that’s fine too, but no need to complain about it.

        Something that I’ve noticed that is very curious to me, is that so often, people who seem to offer little more than complaint or criticism have nothing of their own to offer. Very seldom are they creative people. Furthermore; if you’re going to complain or criticize, at least display a decent command of the language and at the very least, remedial grammatical skills.

        I appreciate the support and comments! “Truth art!” I love that! Thank you!

        Walk in the fire!

        • Hello Doug,

          I apologize for the comment earlier. That comment made about repetition wasn’t me; it was my little teenage brother who’ve gained access to my account and started messing around with it after I carelessly left the laptop unattended while I was trying to get my books from the car. I didn’t realized what he’d done at the time, but as time went on, I finally realized the damaged he’s done.

          Please, try to understand that I do appreciate some of the music and the other things that you do other than the usual. I like how you interact with others and share ideas. I appreciate all the research you’ve conducted.

          From now on, I will be changing to another account. I’ll probably notify you as soon as I can.

        • I also apologize for responding so long due to my busy schedule i.e. chores, reading books like Szu’s Art of War or Gustave Le Bon’s Crowd Psychology, and many other problems that I’ve encountered like anxiety.

          Please try to understand. Thank you.

  • Thank you, love it. Eloquent and concise. The interview should be up today, although at times I felt I am going to have a nervous breakdown. :)))) Vanished files, editor crashed…..the whole nine yards. But in this case, I did not walk away. :)))

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