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  • Doug – great examples of euphemisms to go along with our talk. It’s crazy to think that so many people are in favor of restricting speech these days. Probably the same people that say “If you have done nothing wrong then you should have no reason to be worried about the police doing an illegal search.” These are also the same people that have no problem sharing all of their personal information on Facebook.

  • As always, another great talk guys. Doug, all your of your work should be heard by everyone but sadly very few actually will.

    If you want to know what our (non elected) state department is really doing everyone must see
    “Glenn Beck Presents: The Democrats’ Hydra” (2,961 views in the first 12 hours).
    Glenn blows the lid off the FABIAN SOCIETY, the NEW WORLD ORDER and the STATE DEPARTMENT with real conspiracy FACTS (on paper). One of the most important videos you will ever see. Some you may already know but watch until the end.


    “Yesterday’s conspiracy theory’s are today’s conspiracy FACTS”

    • Awesome Cal! Thanks for the video link. I’ll check it out today. I appreciate that comment. This type of info is for a small audience but I’m OK with that. I appreciate your support, comments and friendship brother. Thank you! Walk in peace!

    • Hey Cal. I was never much of a fan of Beck but I like this presentation so far. Much of his information corroborates a lot of the research I’ve done. Not sure if he mentioned the Milner Group, which was a direct offshoot of the Fabian Marxists. Americans are asleep at the wheel, and far too many I fear, lack the perceptual awareness to even begin to comprehend this situation and how badly they’ve been bamboozled.

      “You say my country has been pretty much conquered? So what! Who won the basketball game?”

      We’re navigating the tattered vessel through the stormy waters of lunacy I tell Ya! 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip, Cal. I haven’t seen much of Glenn Beck since he went off network TV – this is a real eye-opener.

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