Sowing the Seeds of Division

Doug Michael

How blatantly obvious does the manufactured illusion need to be and place itself on full display before you wipe the sleep from your eyes? How many more demonstrations of absolute idiocy need to be paraded before you until you recognize that you are being polarized and divided?

The divided herd are willing to kill each other and die defending manufactured illusions. Paid agitators incite violence and the rest of the sheep follow blindly waging war against their brothers and sisters. Photo credit: ProPublica

What will it take to shake the slumber from your mind and the chains from your heart? When will you finally step into the realization that you have been had? Will you ever tear down your manufactured cognitive fortresses and for once stand within the light of sovereignty and self-ownership? Sadly, no. The vast majority will not. They will sleepwalk to the very edge of the abyss and continue to murder one another as they fall over the edge into oblivion.

Just for a moment, can you lift your consciousness out of the distractions for long enough to see what is plainly right in front of you? Is it even remotely possible for you to put down your fucking placards, take a step back from the simulacrum and enter into an observational mode of consciousness to see that the seeds of division have been sown and have taken root within your very mind, your heart, your poisoned worldview and your adopted perspective? Are your thoughts, beLIEfs and opinions even your own?

Through crowd psychology and herd management, the Fabian, Marxist, Zionist New World Order gang plays humanity like a fiddle, pitting off the weak minded against one another through psychological and emotional manipulation. Just press the emotional hot buttons and it is child’s play to stir up the herds into destroying one another. It’s a tactic that has been utilized by the oligarchs and ruling classes for millennia to keep the herd at war with one another while they rape your future and take your very life from you. If it works, why not just keep employing the same tactic? If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it; why reinvent the wheel?

The name of the game is divide and conquer. Thinning the herd has never been easier. They don’t even really have to do anything to you, they simply manipulate their cattle into doing it to themselves and they laugh their asses off at you while the noose tightens and the chains of oppression and tyranny yet again clank through the blood-soaked streets. Your masters don’t care which herd you join or which manufactured, perceptual prison you choose to incarcerate yourself within as long as you choose one of their gilded, mental cages and stay firmly rooted within your cognitive fortress. Of course, you are free to move into another cage any time that you wish, as long as you stay imprisoned within one of them.

Race, religion, social status, ethnicity, income level, political affiliation; there are so many areas of division that the sheep willingly buy into to keep them from simply seeing each other as fellow human beings in this manufactured simulacrum, this artificial, superimposed reality, this jamboree of deception. The collectivized ego consciousness of the herd mentality loves to find a cause to fight for, an ideology to get behind but their voices are never heard because the enemy doesn’t give a shit about you or your misguided cries for “justice.” No, they simply laugh at the herd’s stupidity and clank their glasses of expensive champagne while they rape your country. Go ahead and kill each other, bash each other’s skulls in; it simply makes the master’s job that much easier! These easily manipulated, semi-conscious sheeple have not a clue who the real enemy is. They are merely marionettes on the strings of evil puppeteers and they cannot even see the strings, let alone understand the fact that their minds are in the hands of creatures that have a very deep understanding of human psychology and are experts in the art of manipulation. Actually, the followers, the gormless crowd, the herd, are their own true enemy but we’ll leave that aside for another time.

Something to understand as well, is the fact that paid agitators are employed on both sides to initiate violence and prod the herds into fighting with each other. Agents provocateurs are used to get the shit storm started and this is nothing new. Billionaire Soros and many others of his ilk provide funding to certain groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa and pay agitators to cause havoc at these stage-managed demonstrations. The rest of the herd simply follows along bleating and babbling on their way to the slaughter. It’s the same tired old story. It will never change until the consciousness of the people changes. I’ve reached the point where I feel this will never happen absent a massive cataclysm that will shake the planet and the people to their very core. It’s going to have to be something major. 9/11 didn’t do it, Fukushima didn’t do it and the complete lock-down within a totalitarian, police state surveillance grid certainly didn’t wake up people, so what will it take? Nuclear war? A massive, global economic collapse? An asteroid that hits the Earth and wipes out 2/3 of the population? At this point, I think that the herds are so deeply locked within their cognitive fortresses that even those horrific scenarios wouldn’t do it.

Here in America, the vast majority of people’s “education” stopped once they left high school. Many may have gone on to college or university but the vast majority are basically public school educated, which is no education at all; it is indoctrination! If your education stopped once you left public school, then you are Fabian educated! You have been fed a sanitized and revised version of history; you have been dumbed down. The inception of public and compulsory education was the very creation of the Fabian Society.

John Dewey, the “Father of American Education” was a Fabian socialist, who was referred to by some of his critics as a “Soviet apologist” and identified himself as a “democratic socialist.” He belonged to 15 Marxist front organizations. Dewey had tremendous influence in what has become modern, outcome based education. He played a major role in teacher training and the development of curriculums. Dewey was financed with billions of dollars by the Rockefellers in his agenda to establish socialized education on behalf of the Fabian Society.

I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of the tools available to you, while you still can and give yourself the gift of a well-rounded education because there is nothing more valuable. Develop a love for reading that has been basically bred out of the masses. You know, books! Read! Words on pages! This is how we truly learn and expand our knowledge base and far too many have developed an aversion to reading which is one primary reason why this country is such a blatantly massive example of collective ignorance and remains mired within infantilism and abject stupidity.

Try putting down the video game controller, turning off the TV and turning away from social media for just 90 days and instead, any time you get the urge to engage in those mindless activities, read something useful from which you can learn something that you did not know before. I guarantee you that after those three months you will have expanded your awareness, feel far less distracted and have a sense of accomplishment. Who knows, if you read about psychology or history, you may even begin to see a bigger picture of how you have been misguided and lied to for your entire life.

I read a statement from a liberal millennial on social media, that instructed fellow leftists to “keep fighting the good fight.” Keep waving those placards and showing up to rallies and voicing your disaffection for what you do not agree with. Keep rolling around in the mud within the pig pen; things will really change now! Nothing is going to change by doing the same thing over and again and expecting a different outcome. It would be far better to detach from the herd, think for yourself and perhaps read a few books. Start serving truth instead of your Fabian masters. Liberalism, with its safe spaces, politically correct language, “social justice warriors,” transgender agenda, sense of entitlement, being easily offended and total embracement of illegal immigration is an in-your-face and open display of Fabian socialism. If you have no clue what Fabian socialism is, then I highly encourage you to take the time and make the effort to find out because you are playing right into their hands as a useful tool of those who want to destroy everything that you hold dear. The right is equally as controlled and corralled by the same forces. Polarize and conquer. Divide and rule.

The absolutely comprehensive mind-fuck that has been done to the human race is unfathomable to all but a few. Don’t be a herd member! It’s a lonely road to walk but the rewards are immeasurable. When you muster the courage to walk the road of selfhood and swing the sword of truth, your mind and spirit are no longer owned by anyone else, they become your own! You have claimed the prize. The lie will be dismantled and fall into the dust beneath your feet. Liberation of the heart, mind and spirit is called FREEDOM! Try it! It just may suit you.

Walk in peace.

Fabian Freeway: High Road to Socialism in the USA


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  • Thank you Doug, great read, insightful information. The one thing I would like reiterate from your presentation is to TURN OFF THE TV. The television, commercialism specifically, has melted or brains and turned them into mush. We as humans are not designed to be confronted with Manufactured realities in 15 minute intervals to buy, buy, buy. Turn off the Tv, the commercialism, then and only then, can anyone possibly think about expanding their minds.

    • I couldn’t agree more Roy. I have not actively watched TV in many years. On the rare occasions that I see it, I’m amazed at what is broadcast and the amount of corporate advertisements. I’ve always gotten so much more from reading.

  • Those who rule us have done their homework well and will always have the advantage (and control) over those who choose to remain ignorant. This has rightly been dubbed the “Prison Planet,” but most people living in it are so dumbed down that they don’t even know they are prisoners. How is that for a situation?

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