Professor Ferguson’s Dismal Track Record for Predicting Fatalities with Faulty and Outdated Computer Modelling

Doug Michael

Recently disgraced professor of Imperial College, epidemiologist, Neil Ferguson, who resigned from his position after violating his own lockdown mandates, has a dismal record for being wrong in his predictions. This man’s garbage computer modelling data has caused mass hysteria, the destruction of small businesses, economic collapse, food shortages, and the opening of the door to a complete surveillance system and the fast-tracking of untested, mandatory vaccinations.

This pretty much explains it

Massive shutdowns have caused widespread destruction of livelihoods and false data has given governments the excuse to track and trace and institute a whole host of other draconian measures. The corrupted WHO pushed this junk science on world governments, and what has occurred as a result has been devastating.

Ferguson even admitted that his model for the Covid-19 “outbreak” was based on an outdated, 13-year-old computer code that was originally designed to be used in predictions for Influenza, not Covid.[1] He also refused to release the code so that other scientists could examine it. Yes, here’s a man you should surely trust.  

Good ole Neil has a track record for being wrong in his predictions, very wrong. Despite his dismal track record, governments and “health” agencies decided to go with Ferguson’s garbage data and place the world into lockdown. After Being completely wrong so many times in the past, why would his bogus data be taken seriously this time? The answer is simple: because this has nothing to do with protecting people from a pandemic and everything to do with advancing the globalist agenda of gutting what’s left of the middle class and transferring wealth further into the hands of the few.

Covid-19 is just another in a long list of “pandemics” predicted by faulty computer modelling data

Another huge part of this agenda is to fast-track a mandatory vaccine utilizing new technology, specifically, RNA/DNA vaccines that can completely alter the genetic structure of the unfortunate souls that allow themselves to be injected.[2] These types of vaccines have never been certified for public use.[3] Why then, would they be fast-tracked? Profits, profits, profits! There’s actually more to it than that, especially when you consider nanotechnology, but we’ll leave that for another time. The agenda is control!  

Bill Gates, a software developer with no scientific or medical training, is a huge funder of Imperial College and the WHO. He stated before CNBC cameras that he stands to net a 2,000 percent gain due to the vaccines.[4] Now with Trump’s decision to stop funding the WHO, Gates is now its largest funder.[5]

Let’s take a brief look at Ferguson’s predictions:

  • 2001: Ferguson predicted that 150,000 people could die from foot-and-mouth disease. The actual death toll was less than 200. This garbage data also sparked the mass culling of 11 million healthy sheep and cattle.
  • 2002: Professor house arrest predicted that 50,000 people would likely die from Mad Cow Disease in the UK. In the end, only 177 people died.
  • 2005: Ferguson predicted that 150 million people could die from the bird flu. Between 2003-2009, only 282 people died worldwide.
  • 2009: Government estimates, based on Ferguson’s flawed data, claimed a “reasonable worst case scenario,” was that Swine Flu could kill 65,000 British people. The actual death toll was 457 in the UK.[6]    

With this dubious track record, why should his predictions for Covid-19 be taken seriously? Well, they shouldn’t but the globalists have seized upon the opportunity to cause mass panic, plunge the world into economic chaos and dismantle freedom. This is about economic warfare and the ushering in of a police state and a high-tech surveillance grid system.   

The CDC now admits that the fatality rate for Covid-19 is roughly the same as the seasonal flu.[7] The fatality rate is only 0.4% for symptomatic cases.[8] By now, hundreds of doctors and other health care workers have come forward completely ripping the official narrative to shreds. Where is their platform in the mainstream media? It’s non-existent because their testimony does not fall in line with the official, made-for TV, scripted propaganda designed for mass public consumption. Censorship platforms such as Youtube have also been purging any information that does not fall in line with the false narrative.

It’s also been shown demonstrably that death certificates are being falsified everywhere, all over the world.[9] The state public health official in Washington state, recently admitted that gunshot victims were listed as Covid-19 deaths. [10]

Falsified death certificates

This just in: “Today, a man whose parachute failed, died of Covid-19 on the way down. Details at eleven.”

I was digging through the National Archives and apparently, Lee Harvey Oswald was not the lone gunmen who killed JFK. He died of Covid-19.   

Despite all of this information coming to light, governments are hiring “contact tracers” (snitches) keeping businesses closed, keeping ridiculous mandates in place i.e. facemask mandates, social distancing, lockdowns, and all the rest of it. The agenda rolls on, full steam ahead because the public remains unaware, indoctrinated and programmed by the spin machine that is the mainstream media. The media is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the global elite and they are full of shit! The public has been brainwashed en masse, and by simply continuing to beLIEve what they are told, they remain in cognitive lockdown and are misled into a rapidly emerging, totalitarian super-state.

The art of David Dees:

What is being implemented would’ve made George Orwell cringe in this rapidly unfolding, high-tech version of Nazi Germany. What’s being proposed in the schools is appalling and there’s never been a better time to home school to protect the children from the meat grinder of public miseducation.

There is no pandemic, there is a scamdemic! What we face is monumental and we can either bow our heads in acquiescence and accept an overtly tyrannical system, based on the Chinese model of total control, or click off the TV, get informed and peacefully not comply with the slavery that is planned for us and is right at our doorstep. We can do what we are told, or we can say “no more!” Freedom is the most important thing, and those not willing to lay their life on the line for it are already dead.

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[8] Ibid



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  • Absolutely shameful. But these fake death certificates won’t go away. It will be recorded as what took place in history as if it were true, and a hundred years from now, who will remember it wasn’t true? One has to wonder how many other “facts” of history has a similar beginning.

    • It’s unbelievable isn’t it Jayne? It’s all out in the open and yet, people still want to remain in total denial and beLIEve the media. Crazy world. Thanks for the comment!

  • Incredible how the mainstream media keeps kneeling to these “experts”. Then people believe the media and the unintended (or more likely intended) consequences lead to more death and suffering. Anything to try to get a police state installed. Or even better – a police planet. The people who are violently protesting the recent murder of an American citizen would ironically be the first to insist that the government have more power over the tiniest details of our lives. We’ve got to talk about this as much as we can while we still can. Thank you everybody for participating in this conversation. Doug and I might not always be right but I think the point is to talk about these things in the open while we still can. I am genuinely afraid for the future of the US and the future of the free world.

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