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  • Captivating! Doug hit this one out of the the ballpark and left no room for an easy way out. We see this week after week that the powerful are praying on the weak and the poor and the helpless and the health of the planet itself. One thousand years from now, if there are any humans left or maybe an alien archeologist will see that the mainstream media were talking about The “View” and celebrities that were who going in and out of rehab while the civilization and the planet were being destroyed. They might find some of these lone voices like Doug Michael who were trying to tell the rest of us that the ship was sinking and maybe we should do something about that. Thanks Doug for being that voice. If nothing else, you are bearing witness to the end of it all.

    • Thanks David! I hope you are recovering well and I miss doing the weekly podcasts brother! Get well soon and I look forward to our next conversation. See you soon brother!

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