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  • The music transfers the feeling of strife with your words well done.
    Doug, I finished reading your book “Simulacrum” bravo you have combined your research, intuition and experiences into a comprehensive and easy to understand book. What we need are more opened minded and accurate thinking people like you to point humanity in the right direction. We must free ourselves from our cognitive fortresses. The whole book is important but as I read I wrote down quotes that I felt were important to me for transcending the simulacrum. There were many, so I narrowed them down to my most important 5: “What I am suggesting is that it is imperative to establish the understanding of the intimate connection between the physical and the psyche…” ~ pg. 23, “I feel it’s as if a false reality has been superimposed over the true reality. The collective consciousness must be manipulated to create the situation that the hidden controllers want, which is one of utter imbalance, despair and fear.” ~ Pg. 195, “Coming into physical life is the merging of spirit and matter and it is a beautiful thing…” ~ pg. 116, “Find the spirit of the warrior and stand within the light of your own magnificence.” ~ Pg. 99 and “Intelligence is the understanding that you have been sold lie, upon lie, upon lie.” ~ Pg. 231 they all touched my soul.
    Starting on pg. 24 the last paragraph is very true but I would advise caution when giving credence to the consortium run Science’s. Especially Quantum Theory and the General Theory of Relativity.
    I commented below the episode “Deconstructing OZ: Episode 10/ CERN~ What the Hell is Going On? Jan /2 /18” about CERN and the god partial. I also wrote a fallow up “Spacetime the Great Misdirection” but it got a little long and you moved on to different topics so I never posted it. I think it’s relevant to the perceptual control paradigm and the transcendence from it so I would like to post it. If you don’t mind?
    Here is a quote from one of the Consortium’s gatekeepers Michio Kaku that I think will express my point:
    “Quantum Theory is only controversial when you talk to philosophers, theologians and the average person. To a physicist it’s accurate to one part in 10 billion… You would think a theory that powerful would be logical, compelling and intuitive, WRONG; it is the most BAZAAR theory in the history of science. Einstein couldn’t get his head around it. It reduces everything to probity so that there is a probability that an electron can vanish and reappear someplace else. Electrons can be in two places at the same time and can exist in multiple states at the same time. Now that’s stupid, I mean how can you possibly exist in two places at the same time? How can you be in multiple states simultaneously? Well get use it, that’s just the way the atomic world is.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=711VklH-4fA&t=69s 2:08

    • Cal, I can’t thank you enough! This made my day getting to read this. I appreciate your heartfelt words and encouragement! It’s just such an awesome feeling to know that my efforts have helped someone. Please feel free to post your comment on space-time. I look forward to reading it. Thank you again and all the best to you!

    • PS: Cal, I have another book coming out soon. This one is different; it’s a very macabre look at the world. It will be a short, easy read. Again, thank you for all of your support, encouragement and comments!

  • Thanks Doug. Fantastic a new book I’ll be watching for it.
    I’ve been trying to review your book on Amazon but evidently I can’t because I haven’t spent at least $50 on Amazon.com in the past 12 months. So I think I’ll review it under my daughter’s account Katie.
    Spacetime the Great Misdirection
    Multiple universes “multiverse” or multiple realities are an idea that has been around for a few millennia. The concept that our world might be just one of many others, seem to have originated in Ancient Greek philosophy’s Atomism and Stoicism but most likely back with the Mesopotamian Priests and Priestesses.
    The scientific justification for the “multiverse” is new. General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Theory breeds many new mind boggling theories like: String Theory, Big Bang, Black Holes, Dark Matter, Dark Energy and many different unbelievable exotic bodies in our universe. These theories have started to take total control of the information for both Science and Theology in a way that they can be combined into one global religion. The mathematical equations are so complex that it brings about the Anthropic Principle [1], Creation Science [2] and something called the Creation Model Approach [3]. The books “God, the Multiverse, and Everything Modern Cosmology and the Argument from Design” [4], “God and Design: The Teleological Argument and Modern Science” [5], “Universes” [6] and many others attempt to indoctrinate the public to this global religion. A phrase has been coined “A scientific reason to believe what we already know in our hearts to be true.” This religion will be just as distorted and convoluted as are the concepts it came from.
    Myths of settled science have been created. Science claims to now know enough that a theory of everything is within its grasp. These “myths rely upon public confusion. People are confused because they don’t know what, or whom, to believe. They think the issues are too deep to be grasped by ‘outsiders’ or common folk” [7]. Imagination is trapped in the myths of settled science without most realizing that they are myths. I suggest this is by design. Academia and funding of major research is controlled by the Consortium.
    Just a few core assumptions, foundational assumptions woven in the fabric of our collective conciseness can greatly influence how we perceive the connection to spirit, ourselves and the world around us. Two assumptions/“Myths” do just that by placing the earth and us where we are in the universe. They are 1. Gravity alone rules the cosmos and 2. Gravities behavior must be interpreted through the lens of relativity theory.
    Modern Cosmology gives a distorted view of the universe, its “ …vision evokes a sense of lonely bodies in space-isolated galaxies, self-immolating stars drifting like dust moats in the blackness, and the clockwork solitude of planets” [7], a hopeless disconnected universe to ether spread out into infinity or collapse into nothingness. The standard models have us isolated by vast time and vast distances invoking feelings of isolation and disconnectedness. Again all this is by design.
    Our children and we have been fed the story that Einstein was a genius of the highest order as early as primary school and repetitively thereafter. 1922 Einstein received the Nobel Prize for his contribution to physics in particular for his work on the photo electric effect and not for his highly publicized Theory of Relativity.
    During Einstein’s work on the photo electric effect he indulged in mysticism when he introduced a physically impossible ZERO MASS particle carrying energy called a photon, this is in complete defiance of E = MC^2 (Mass = 0, solve for Energy, it’s simple Algebra).
    Einstein’s ticker-tape parade, Time Magazine proclaiming “Albert Einstein Man of the Century” and the fact that the American press played him to the max reveals that it’s not about science. By setting Einstein up as the ultimate genus any questioning of his work became taboo. Plus “With his oxy moronic thought experiments Einstein became the unacknowledged but leading new age mystic.” [8]
    Big Bang Cosmology was conjured up by the Belgian scientist, mathematician and a member of the Catholic hierarchy, Georges Lemaître. In fact, Hannes Alfvén a Nobel Prize recipient in Physics for his theory of plasmas called magnetohydrodynamics was quoted saying “I was there when Abbe Georges Lemaître first proposed this theory”. Alfvén also clamed that Lemaître told him in private that his theory was a way to reconcile science with St. Thomas Aquinas’ theological dictum “creatio ex nihilo” or creation out of nothing. The Big Bang is theology not science; Lemaître violated scientific method by allowed his theological convictions to predetermine the outcome of a scientific inquiry.
    Together early in 1933, Lemaître and Einstein were in California for a series of seminars. After Lemaître detailed his Big Bang theory, Einstein stood up, applauded, and said, “This is the most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation to which I have ever listened”. Big Bang cosmology is just another creation story clothed in mystical language.
    General Theory of Relativity (GR) is a formulation of Einstein’s field equation through curved Newtonian spacetime which basically means Einstein had to reformulate his Special Theory of Relativity (SR) because Isaac Newton’s law of gravitation didn’t fit with his finite speed of light “E =MC^2”, nothing can exceed the speed of light not even the propagation of gravity. But in celestial mechanics all gravitational interactions between bodies in all dynamical systems are to be taken as instantaneous (following Newton’s law of gravitation).
    Einstein removed gravity as a force and called it an effect of spacetime curvature in order to get around Newton’s instantaneous gravity. In fact, (SR) is filled with so many logical inconsistencies that Einstein played some kind of “numerology” and came up with (GR) a mathematical theory without any physical explanation. Today (GR) would not stand up to Peer Review (not going to happen). Quantum Theory and General Theory of Relativity are pseudosciences designed for “Shock and Awe”.
    “Einstein bequeathed us a disconnected, incoherent universe that cannot function or give rise to life” [8]. But for the past few decades a diverse group of opened minded and accurate thinking people are cutting through the dogma of today’s science’s with an interdisciplinary approach (none of the science’s left out) and real world experiments, data analysis, forensics, archeology, mythology… accomplished using all available information with the intention that science is about us not things. But sadly many have suffered persona non grata. They have been banned from publication in journals and speaking at conferences, defunded…marginalized. But the warriors that have picked up the gantlet are uncovering overwhelming evidence that many of the standard theories are misguided. Information is not limited to the speed of light, empty space is not empty it contains an aether (possibly neutrinos) which facilitates the near instantaneous transfer of information through the subatomic direct electromagnet force resulting in a coherent and connected universe where life can flourish. With a connected and coherent universe the passage of time is universal. There is no spacetime just space and time. We don’t need to create new universes for the spirit to exist we only need to see this one with new eyes. I hypothesize that the physical comes and goes (recycles) and spirit is eternal but they are so closely entwined that one cannot exist without the other. When life prospers so does the spirit. ~ Cal Cummins

    [1] Anthropic Principle: God had the foresight or intervention to engineer the universe to suit our specific needs and so complex that the universe appears to have been fine-tuned for our existence.
    [2] Creation Science: The belief that the origin of everything in the universe is the result of a first cause, brought about by a creator deity.
    [3] Reasons to Believe: One of the hallmarks of “Reasons to Believe” is our testable “Creation Model Approach” to integrating science and the Christian faith.
    [4] Author ~ Rodney D. Holder
    [5] Author ~ Stanley A. Cohen
    [6] Author ~ John Leslie
    [7] Quote by David Talbott director of the Thunderbolts Project http://www.thunderbolts.info
    [8] Quote by Physicist Wal Thornhill

    • Awesome Cal! I’ll write back and respond shortly; I like what you have to say. It’s nice to see that there are still some intelligent people out there that can think and see through the illusion in this cornucopia of lunacy. Walk in peace brother!

      • Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you.
        Just a couple more things. I think I remember hearing that you have a CD or two with your band if that’s true I would be very interested in purchasing one or both. I remember your You Tube picture the one before the monster face you had a guitar in your hands what was it, is it the one you play on the CDs?

        • Thank you Cal! I still haven’t gotten a chance to respond to your last post. I’ve been very busy. Please send me a personal email at: dougm68@gmx.com and I can arrange to send you the CDs. Thank you again! All the best!

        • In that photo, I had an Epiphone Les Paul style guitar which I used for years. In 2016 I got my first American, fender Stratocaster and fell in love with it. I’ve gotten two more since and love them all. It’s a very different tone and feel than the Les Paul style. On the EP, I used my Les Paul and a custom one that I borrowed from a friend. On the new full length I used my strat. The other guitarist uses Gibson Les Paul and the Fender and Gibson guitars compliment each other very well. Here’s our Reverb Nation page: https://www.reverbnation.com/adyingbreed2012

          If you go to the photography section of this site, there are a few images of the Stratocasters. Thank you again! All the best!

  • Nihilism – Rejection of Moral Principles in the belief that life is meaningless i.e. If everyone dies, then life is meaningless.

    “We can see nothing today that wants to grow greater, we suspect that things will continue to go down, down, to become thinner, more good-natured, more prudent, more comfortable, more mediocre, more indifferent…Here precisely is what has become a fatality…together w/ the fear of man we have lost our love of him, our reverence for him, our hopes for him, even the will to him. The sight of man now makes us weary…

    What is NIHILISM today if it is not that? We are weary of man” – Friedrich Nietzsche

    If herd morality is successful and much more powerful than individual morality i.e. Responsibility, Individuality, Impeccability, Creativity/Imagination, Compassion, Determination, Justice, Respect, etc.,


    Without the higher moral principles, the herd will engulf everything and “existence will be deprived from its great character” (Ecco Momo)

    For more:

  • Hey, Doug. Have you checked out Qanon? There are a group of anonymous researchers that are trying to expose the “Deep State” and “Globalists” i.e. Secret Societies/The Consortium

    They have uncovered a wealth of legitimate evidences regarding the Deep State:

    America’s Secret Establishment By Antony C. Sutton:


    Project – MKULTRA:


    Order out of Chaos By Paul Joseph Watson:


    Agenda 21 – The End of Western Civilization By Kathleen Marquardt:


    America’s Central Bank: The History and Structure of the Federal Reserve By Jerome Powell:


    Morals and Dogmas – Albert Pike


    Tragedy and Hope By Carroll Quigley


    Secrets of the Federal Reserve By Eustace Mullins:


    The Underground History of American Education By John Taylor Gatto


    How the Order Controls Education By Antony Sutton:


    For More, Check out:


    • I have to say, I’m skeptical of the whole Q thing. Could it be another psyop to misdirect alternative thinkers/researchers? It certainly is a possibility. Although I can usually stand no more than about 3 seconds of watching a politician speak, I did watch Trump’s address to the UN. While I thought he said some interesting things, I doubt his sincerity. If he is truly working to dismantle the Consortium, well we know what happens to people that do!

      There is currently a massive censorship purge going on and a massive push for the control of information. The level of the mindf**k is staggering. I suppose I’m taking a “wait and see” approach. Thanks for the comment!

      • Qanon can indeed be another joke. However, I think that some Qanon members are actually Deep State agents trying to tie in their legitimate evidences with phony conspiracies like Flat Earth or Reptilian Shape-Shifting Politicians so that they can undermine their credibility. However, I also do think that Qanon wanted to gain the attention of genuine researchers by posting such phony conspiracies and then later on, steer them away from it in order to get into the roots of the Consortium/Deep State and its massive infiltration worldwide such as:

        Fabian Society Exposed?
        Ben Carson ties Judge Kavanaugh allegation to Centries-Old Socialists Group

        Since the Consortium/Deep State fears exposure, you can see how most of the media are in a frenzy to censor and discredit Qanon along w/ Donald J. Trump.

      • Thanks for pointing that out. I have huge doubts about the Q phenomenon. The state is going to solve the problem that the state created? I don’t think so. Nobody has to do anything but sit back, trust the plan and watch the show? Sounds like savior programming to me. I guess we will see shortly. I am currently reading your book and I have to say: ” Sweet, straight to the point, minus the drama.” Good work, thank you. By the way, are you available for interviews? I would love to do one with you. Nobody cracks “holy” eggs like you.

        • Thank you Judith! Great observation! I am very skeptical about the whole Q thing myself. It falls into the “I’ll believe it when I see it” category for me. It’s amazing, people always seem to seek externally something to get them out of the mess. I’m glad you are enjoying the book! You can contact me at: dougm68@gmx.com and we can discuss details for interviewing. Thank you again! I look forward to hearing from you! All the best!

  • Qanon supports Trump since contrary to what people have been programmed to believe what Trump is perceived to be i.e. RACIST! SEXIST! NAZI! etc., Trump seems to be a U.S. President that’s not apart of the Consortium/Deep State apparently


    He mentions that:

    -The Mainstream Media is the enemy of the U.S.

    -The Deep State exists i.e. Fabian Society/Skull and Bones Society

    -The U.S. isn’t going to be playing the Consortium’s game anymore

  • By the way, the Great Awakening is upcoming i.e. The Age of Revealing the Consortium/Deep State

    Qanon’s Warning:


    No matter what Race, Gender, or Religion your are, No matter who you voted for, No matter if you Hate Donald Trump, No matter if you Hate Cops/Gov’t in general, No matter if you love the news on CNN/MSNBC and hate all other channels, No matter if you’re young/old, No matter if you give a damn about politics, worldpeace, rape/corruption:


    We want you to know that good people have been fighting a SILENT BATTLE BEHIND THE SCENE, in order to save the world from terrible horrors. It was a lonely war. It was a silent one. Chances are, you didn’t even notice it. But you will soon. That’s why we’re warning you, and why you must hear us out.

    We’re just a bunch of anonymous people from around the globe. We don’t want money/fame. We just couldn’t watch the world burn down and do nothing. That’s why we’re trying to warn you.

    We have been supporting our President Donald J. Trump in his efforts to drain the swamp. We don’t care if you like our President or not. We want you to know that he will protect you regardless. Horrible things happened that will come to light. Please don’t be afraid. You’ll be safe. Bad actors will be brought to justice. Good people will prosper and live happy lives. Children/Adult in slavery will be liberated.

    If you want to know more, search for #Qanon.

    Be prepared for what you’ll find: Some truths are HARD to swallow.

    Remember: Inform your friends and family. Stay calm and inform yourself. Your President works day and night to protect you from unimaginable horrors. This will all be over soon: we are winning BIGLY.


  • Doug, I agree with you and Judith on this Q thing. Any discussion about it would be conjecture. I’m reminded of a couple of quotes from the movie War Games “Shall we play a game” and “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”

    • Yes, folks want to believe that the cavalry is coming. Maybe the Consortium is infighting? I feel that hanging hopes on anything external to “save” us is dangerous. One thing is certain; we live in very interesting times! All the best Cal!

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