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  • David Icke has done various videos on transgender issues… and the bottom line seems to be the fulfilling of some of the dark plans written about in Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’.. ie. Fabian agendas. Here’s early Fabian George Bernard Shaw talking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBZsTf6oLfY

    I heard Nigel Farage (Brexit) mention the Coudenhove Kalergi plan (you can google it) in the EU parliament….he was called ‘racist’ by the despicable Angela Merkel… a ploy to silence the truth.

    I wrote this to a friend on Saturday: ‘..the transhuman is the microchipped human, no longer autonomous but ‘wired into the system’… into the ‘internet of things’ which is the play toy and probably mass destruction tool of the ‘elite’. That’s the biggest threat… and we’re on the cusp of it. The introduction of 5G masts will be the doorway into the most egregious attack on humans imaginable. Microchips will be two way.

    Cold blooded twirps. They might employ the cleverest strategists available… but their stupidity is monumental. They walk past the gold nugget filled treasure chest of life and settle for the brass trinkets they glorify with misplaced adulation. It doesn’t get more stupid than that… or deficient.’

    I think it’s time we called them ‘the self appointed elite’… ‘the cold blooded elite’ … or simply ‘the deficient twats’…

  • I found you on you tube and listened to most of your podcasts. My partner & I listened to the interview you did about the HAPYM virus many times … it is fascinating ! I have been wondering for months about what happened to your you tube channel ? Just curious.

    • Thanks Bonny! I had health issues to contend with but also, I was tired of the massive censorship and the continual messing with the numbers. That platform is completely controlled. Now, I post my material here and I don’t have to worry about the trolls or about members being kicked off. I also took a hiatus and started doing a lot of volunteer work in my community. I post here on a semi-regular basis and if you put your email in the box that reads “newsletter,” you will receive updates on new content. Also, Endall and I kind of went our separate ways so I’m doing this on my own again. Thanks for the comment! All the best!

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