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  • Direct hit, Doug! We are each of us playing a role and we have more control over what we are. The dark humor is an electrifying rejection of surrender. Great job!

  • I love the clip from the movie They Live, the nasty old hag in the grocery store “i have one that can see”. Its funny, we always speak about how mainstream media and hollywood put the truth out there before us all, only to have the masses dismiss it at nonsense. They totally get off on it. Just a big game for them. I dont play that shit anymore!

    • Yeah man! Thanks for the comment! How long have we been talking about this? 20 years? Actually, since we met which was around 1997. You’re right, it’s always been flaunted before us through Hollyweird, TV, video games etc. Thanks for the feedback and take good care brother!

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