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  • Great diatribe, Doug. It is happening all around us and we don’t see it. Bit by bit we are losing the freedoms that we once held so dear. Year by year we sign away more and more of what makes us unique. These days people are signing away the rights to their very faces! The us government and giant corporations know our tastes and spending habits – now Russian and Chinese companies own the likeness to our faces! This would have all been unheard of thirty years ago. We have got to build a time machine!!!

    • Thanks David. I’m on board with the time machine idea! It’s truly amazing isn’t it? So many unprecedented things occurring and people want to focus on their ego masturbation on Facebook. Everyone seems to be focusing on the minutia or the bread and circuses and remain oblivious. People like that would never listen to what we are presenting. They want their illusions and denial, meanwhile, this entire perceptual paradigm collapses all around them.

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