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  • Only Truths in this segment, Doug ! Thank you for that ! The freak show is accelerating at fast pace, every day passing is more grotesque than the last, it is futile to consider a mass wake up. Are we all going to live soon in the satanic-like reality show portrayed in the Gotthard tunnel ceremony a few years back ? Because it seriously starts to look similar. I have not been to the US for a while, but last I remember NYC already degraded compared to the years before… and it was in 2012 ! I don’t know other there now, but in Europe, this seems as messy and disturbing as you describe. The rebel spirit is urgently needed, it can be a quiet but determined one, pursuing its own vision for the sake of self and others around. How long to go, Doug, with this mess, my popcorn storage is almost empty ? Keep up the good work, I really enjoy it !

    • Thanks Laurent! I appreciate the feedback. 60,000 homeless in NYC now. I agree with you, there will not be a mass awakening. It’s so sad, western culture is collapsing at an alarming rate. I also agree that it can be a quiet rebellion. As I’ve always stated, it all begins with the individual. Thanks so much Laurent! You’ve been so supportive for a long time and I appreciate that very much! All the best!

  • Direct hit Doug! Excellent description of the dwindling spirit of individualism. Saying that the emperor has no clothes has become hate speech and the pussified, skinny jeans wearing, latte sipping social justice warriors have put their right to not be offended before all other rights. Terms like “toxic masculinity” will be applied to any man who resists the collectivization of western society. I wish we could send trucks through all the major cities blasting this diatribe over loudspeakers.

    • Thanks David! You know, that’s not a bad idea! We’ll use an ice cream truck but instead of playing that goofy music, we’ll blast this diatribe. Truth and treats!

      • You also address this issue very clearly in “Adventures in the Earth Game”. One great passage appears on page 58: “They despise the truth and the messengers that bring it. It is easier for them to allow the system to do their thinking for them.” I was rereading this to prepare for today’s podcast topic on communism. I have a lot of books about the large scale phenomena of communism and and how it propagates despite its consistent record of failure. Your work does a great job of examining the individual’s role in allowing/helping this evil system to spread.

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