Walk in the Fire

It’s time to walk in the fire. The flames will burn you and engulf you, they will rip you asunder but they will also cleanse you and heal you; they will restore you and deliver you; they will make you whole. Walk in the fire! The fire is your fears, your doubts, your indecisiveness, your victimhood, your sense of defeat. The fire is your compassion, your selflessness, your love, your empathy your unique vibrational expression of that which you define yourself to be; the spark of your very existence.


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  • Walk in fire, it isn’t easy.

    I really want to unplug myself from this whole internet, I feel every word you said, it’s all true. Years ago, I stopped using all social media, yet I’m still connected to internet to do other work.

    I feel like slave, whenever I want to search for any piece of information, only google has the answer. whenever I want to do find a solution for any problem, only a search on the web would solve it. Once I’m disconnected, I feel lost. I think they got me, I’m in trap. Even if I want to listen to such good talks like yours, I need to be connected to this network.

    I just wanna sit somewhere by myself away from the WIFI signals, away from google and all those companies that track me. I wanna have a moment of silence in which I can hear my own voice, I want myself back, I want my privacy back, I want everything back.

    You know even if want to get a service from your government, you only can get it online and using their system. It’s awful! Days ago, my ISP disconnected my internet, and I called them asking what’s going on! They said you didn’t pay your bills, so the system disconnected you internet automatically. It was so weird, as I paid my bills a day before. Then they said it was an error by the system, and we will fix it. I talked with manager, and he just clicked on something on his monitor, and I got my connection back. It makes me think; oh lord, their system is buggy and it controls people, and at the same time they can disconnect internet by a single click. We all are plugged to this giant brain of internet, and they can plug and unplug us whenever they want, and trust me when they unplug us, we will feel very lost, and we wouldn’t be able to do anything because we’re used to take a piece of advice from google, we used to get our job done by simple clicks. Now we lost all our skills of work and communication. It’s sad, it’s seriously sad, Doug.

    I work as a freelancer, I make my living on internet. And now I started hating everything I do. I’m very concerned about my privacy and inner freedom, but I feel I’m helpless and I can’t do anything about it.

    • I understand, completely, I do! At the present moment, we can still utilize the tech in an advantageous way while we can. I would suggest to observe what is occurring and don’t get too freaked out by it. Nawrsali, contact me personally at: dougm68@mail.com if you’d like. I’d love to speak with you personally. Walk in peace my friend.

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