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  • This topic is pretty huge. What does it mean to be human? I wonder sometimes if I’m getting it wrong or missing the point. Maybe the meaning is more in the question than the answer. Doubt and fear can be turned into motivation and resolve. I think this is a topic Doug and I could revisit. We’d love to hear anyone’s experience.

  • Thanks guys
    Self-actualization is a very important subject but I wonder how much does one’s core beliefs influence the result?
    In today’s reality I see a need for more optimism. There are to many people wandering aimlessly thru life. Hopelessness and depression is quickly becoming the norm. I see this as a result from thousands of years of humanities forced belief in judgment day. Those who believe and act in the right way will be saved and those who didn’t will be condemned to eternal damnation.
    An unidentified and undefined force has disabled us in a way that we can not fulfill the dream we came here to Earth with. It is imperative that we as a people empower ourselves to understand truth. With self-actualization we can achieve that goal as long as we keep our imagination grounded.
    “Going Within” sounds “new age” so I think I’ll us the term self-actualization from now on. And David I would like to know more about how you meditate. Would you guys agree that the new age movement has tainted meditation with its mantras?

    • Thanks for the observations Cal. Like I said, it’s a very broad topic and you can approach it from a lot of philosophical directions. I’ve had to shake the belief that there is some possible eternal judgment waiting for me that depends on standards that were never really made clear.

      That might have contributed to the anxiety that I deal with. I started meditating after reading the book of Tibetan Living and Dying (whose author has since gone through some very unenlightened scandalous behavior). But that book and a few other sources like people I saw on Youtube talking about the benefits of meditation. I started with very user friendly guided meditation where I close my eyes and someone describes a meadow that has clouds you can climb on and fly to whatever destination you like. Uber clouds. Later I learned more about deeper meditation through guided meditations by Sam Harriss, Eckhart Tolle and Leo Gura. When I’m meditating well, which is less often than I’d like, I realize that I am not my body or even my thoughts. I am able to observe a thought as something I didn’t intentionally produce but I have a choice in whether I will pay attention to it. And as a person with intrusive thoughts, this has been helpful. Sometimes I’m able to apprehend the awareness that I really am. I see the awareness as something that does not judge. Ultimately it is my thoughts, my brain, my ego that decides what is good and what is bad. I can recognize that now but holding that state of being is tricky and not necessarily always useful. If someone (perhaps my wife or Doug) comes at me with an ax while I’m meditating, I hope I’m able to judge that situation as bad and take appropriate action (shit my pants, scream and cry, push an old lady or small child in my way to block the ax attack). Then once my wife or Doug are in police custody I can resume meditation.

    • Hey Cal, I think that core beLIEfs can definitely get in the way and that it’s a matter of willingly shattering them to even begin to reach a point of actualization. I agree, hopelessness and depression have become a way of life, and don’t forget victimhood.

      Your words ring true for me Cal. Perhaps we incarnated here deliberately, not so much in spite of the way things are, but because of it! Think about that!

      I suggest abandoning all of the mystical hoopla and mumbo jumbo for a more practical approach. To me, meditation is simply a way to clear the mind and silence the ego chatter for just a moment to sort of reset, and I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to do that.

      Thank you for your time and your comments Cal! All the best to you!

  • New Age has clearly muddled the waters, which is not surprising if one researches where it was originated (theosophical society, Helena Blavatsky). So after circling around in the rabbit hole for years looking for truth, one such an ally being the work of end all be all where I’ve been a very active participant until I noticed a discrepancy between the walk and the talk, came to the conclusion as verbalized here:
    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12
    See this video:

    Meditation as a stress relief to quiet the monkey mind is great but I don’t think it will bring you much further than that. The bliss many people experience is imho a feeling that is generated by spirit meddlers, interlopers who are all too keen to jump on someone as soon as they reach out to this intuitive or spiritual field (for lack of a better word). So after all my research I came back to source creator 😉

    As we live in a free will universe, Source creator is not coming to humanities aid unless we ASK for partnership and guidance. This simple prayer goes a long way:
    ‘Source creator, partner with me to keep me focused on love each and every day, receiving and giving, both to me and to all those around me.’
    For more, read this (and everything else on this site) https://www.getwisdom.com/loves-last-stand/
    Thanks for reading and greetz from Holland!

    • Thank you Batya! I appreciate you sharing those thoughts. “Discrepancy between the walk and the talk” That’s an interesting statement. I never got too far into the new age but I know what you mean about Theosophy being the background for it. I agree with you about meditation. I occasionally just lie still and try to quiet the mind chatter for a few moments. Thank you again for listening and for the comments! David and I appreciate it! All the best to you!

  • Thanks for the comment Batya, it’s great to hear another point of view. For me meditation was was a last resort. I certainly didn’t start it for the thrills. And I am still a beginner. (As a matter of fact I am writing after having finished a 30 minute meditation). For me it has allowed me to distance myself from my thoughts and not overly identify with them. Meditation has brought me to a point where every angry thought that occurs to me does not find a voice. I have started to see thoughts as separate from my essential self and therefore don’t always have to act on them or even give them a very much attention if I don’t think I need to.
    Having said all that, I’m glad to hear your viewpoint and I will look at the video you suggested. I have, as of the last six months or so, begun to believe that it is possible that the universe is a living, conscious system of some sort. Someone compared people to cells in a body that do not know that the body is controlled by a self aware mind.

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