This is a talk I had with Paul, a brilliant gentleman from England. I’m proud to call this intelligent man my friend. We discuss a variety of different topics. Many more to come!

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  • Sorry for my late response, I’ve been a bit busy preparing for my interview with Gary Wayne which took place last night. Great talk guys and I hope we will get more of it but you already promised that. :))))

    • Thanks Frank! Yes, they did and it has become what today is called “fraction reserve lending.” This gives the legal right to banks and lenders to loan at least ten times more than what they physically have on reserve and charge interest on it. Thanks for watching.

  • Regarding movies/tv series, which seem prophetic in nature, then turn into reality: When we watch something on a screen, our brains record it as actually happening; the brain makes no distinction between what we see on a screen and what we see in “real life” (one of the reasons why I no longer watch horror films — they’re traumatizing to the psyche). For me, there can be no doubt that they are programming us to accept the future they’re designed for us.

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