Threatening Skies: Geoengineering and Stratospheric Aerosol Injection

All over the world, jet aircraft have been spraying plumes which fan out and encompass the entire sky on many occasions. I began noticing the trails around 1997 and have watched them increase over the years.

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  • Great show, Doug. You made the case that something sinister is going on above our heads very clearly and compellingly and without the hysteria that we often hear from truthers.

    Just today Doug called me and told me to look in the sky. There were more chemtrails spreading!

    • How crazy is it that we spoke about that topic yesterday? I watched the entire sky turn overcast today. I was up early and went outside around 8:00 I noticed them spraying and went out periodically to observe. There were no clouds this morning. I watched them literally block out the sun! None of that shit in the sky tonight is natural clouds!

  • Well you seen that freedom of information request I sent you Doug… that base is about 15 miles from my house and although decommissioned as an RAF operational air base, it’s still home to the MOD and private contractors use the runway and buildings associated with it… so it makes you think eah!

    The one thing that annoys me which you both pointed out is the far left environmentalists failure to speak out against this… this proves the Marxist agenda of them all! Green Fascists they are… the Antifa title needs to be stripped from them as they are really ProFa!

    I wouldn’t say we are close to end of the planet… nature has a funny way of recovering very quickly, but as a race we are propelling towards a life of suffering and being herded like cattle into the cities eating bugs, agenda 2030 is well underway with smart cities being built, masses of high rise accommodation being built in the guise of student and affordable living and the building of garden cities next to suburban areas in readiness for it.

    Hollywood has been telling us for decades of the plans for us… the irony is it’s seen as entertainment 🤔.

    Thanks guys for your time delivering these podcasts… it’s much appreciated and I look forward to our next chat Doug.

    Peace out brother!

    • Thank you Lenny! I did receive the documents. Interestingly, the next day after we released that podcast, they painted the skies here. I watched the spraying go on all day long. It’s interesting that now they’re saying that they “could” spray particulates in the sky when it’s been going on for at least two decades. Fukushima is another issue none of these enviro-fascists are talking about. Interesting times we live in for sure. Thanks again brother. Walk in peace.

      • Lenny, that’s a great point you make about the selective outrage of groups like ANTIFA.

        Coincidentally, Doug and I live near the former Griffiss Air Force Base. I don’t know if they are launching chemtrail missions from there. I’ll ask Doug if we have enough money in our budget to do some investigating out in the field.

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