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  • Spot on Doug, keep on working and get the word out. These dummies in America learn by repetition, That is the only way the will wake up. More like us must stand up and say the same thing to get the last of the thinkers of ones mind instead of all the zombies.

    • Thank you Laurie! I like to try to inject some humor into my social commentary and I am not politically correct. Thanks for listening and commenting! All the best my friend! I hope you are keeping well!

  • Not many people are talking about how our candidates are picked for us these days. Good job Doug. We were stuck with two scary candidates in the last presidential election. It reminds me of Hong Kong where one of the things they are protesting is the fact that Beijing decides who the candidates in their elections will be. It becomes impossible to get someone in office who truly reflects your principals while creating the illusion that we have some say in our government. Do you think we will ever see a presidential candidate who takes our national debt seriously? This is what scares me more than climate change.

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