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  • What exactly is a promiscuous slut? How many men does it take to qualify as such? And who sets the rules for this definition? If I have been labeled as a slut, is there a way to unslut me, and what would that entail? What is the male counterpart to a promiscuous slut? A bachelor that is hard to get and who won’t settle down? Or do we have an equally obliterating term for males?
    Yes, there is an attempt to uproot everybody. I am just not sure that this is the way to transcend it. Nothing new under the sun. “The woman you gave me made me do it”, words uttered in the garden of Eden at the dawn of time.

    • Hey Doug Michael, you should check out Michael Black’s video on “The Satanic Neo-Feminist Agenda.” He talked about the roots of Feminism and it’s ties to the socialist and marxist ideologies.

      Hopefully it’s still on YouTube and you can watch it. YouTube took down all of Michael’s content and his channel, and the only thing left is the mirrored videos still present.

  • Bold and refreshing, Doug.

    I’m supportive of opening up all opportunities to everyone but these insideous insertions of phrases like “toxic masculinity” into our language as if it’s settled science is appalling and smacks of the type of society George Orwell warned us about. However, if by “toxic masculinity” they are referring to shorter male life expectancy (a difference of about six years as of the last decade of the 20th Century) then ok, maybe it’s time to have this conversation. According to Scientific American:

    The genetic advantage of females is evident. When a mutation of one of the genes of the X chromosome occurs, females have a second X to compensate, whereas all genes of the unique X chromosome of males express themselves, even if they are deleterious.

    Does this sound fair to you? As a male living with the terrible knowledge that my single X chromosome with all it deleterious genes is going to put me in the ground long before Rosie O’Donnell, I have to ask – where’s my parade?

    But never mind all that science stuff! Just keep encouraging little Joey that he can grow up to design prom dresses and give his sister a hammer and anvil and tell her how she can be a blacksmith in our bold new society. The next time the beaches of Normandy have to be stormed I don’t see why the tipsy girls majoring is social sciences in the next booth over at Applebees can’t carry the bangalore torpedoes through the machine gun fire while I stay at home watching Lifetime after a challenging day as an aromatherapist.

    • Thanks David. My point was how these ideologies such as neo-feminism and transhumanism have effectively contorted and twisted everything and how young children are being targeted. America has become so demoralized and infiltrated with Cultural Marxism, that it doesn’t even remotely resemble the country I grew up in.

      There is a great incentive in America for women to raise kids in fatherless homes as the state will pay for everything, but now, with the massive cuts of Section 8, I think we are going to see a lot of upheaval coming down the pike. If you’ve seen the recent, liberal/feminist protests here lately, they’ve become little more than hate marches calling for the destruction of the new enemy, heterosexual, white men.

      The division is at an all time high, and the behind-the-scenes manipulators have been successful at dismantling the family and reversing the roles thorough their artful propaganda. This blatant anti-male campaign that’s come to the fore is just astounding. Thanks for the comment!



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