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  • Hi Guys,
    Thank you both for the nice talk ! Roger Penrose’s views on consciousness as well as scientific research on anesthesia level of consciousness were discussed last month in a conference I attended in Interlaken, Switzerland. So many other subjects were looking at consciousness from so many angles (East, West, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Neurology, Art). This was a nice enriching experience and right now it is helping me a for my current project. So many of my intuitions and realizations really are now studied scientifically and some are getting proved right. There is hope for a greater number of people realizing and starting using the meditation / realization as a unique Q&A individual teaching tool, no more need for parents lessons or teachers lessons or politicians lessons or managers lessons. Be your own ship with your own compass.
    I have recently heard the number of psychopaths multiplied by 3 in the last 15 years, not sure where or if true, but if it is this will be a trigger for a larger population to realize instead of being trapped in their prisons. Perhaps this world as it runs is the best opportunity for the absolute need for individual change. Who knows ?

  • That conference must have been interesting. The only conference like that that I will ever get to attend would be if they held one in the woods within walking distance of the bunker. But seriously, a lot of the concepts we discuss about the nature of consciousness and the mind and awareness are things that I’ve really only started to seriously consider. I think you’re right. Any real examination of the mystery of consciousness really lends itself to so many different philosophies, sciences and disciplines. This podcast has been a great learning experience for me and I’m always happy to hear if it resonates with our listeners.

    I plan on doing some research on anesthesia for a future podcast. I was amazed when I learned that doctors and scientists really don’t know a lot about it. I am having surgery on my ankle in a couple days and I already asked if I could be awake for the procedure. I’ve heard horror stories about people who wake up during surgery and can feel the pain of being operated on but can’t move or say anything. Doug and I were discussing what the anesthesia experience is like and we agreed it feels like one moment you’re on the operating table and the next you are in the recovery ward. But what if every time you go under you experience the entire procedure and all the agony that would entail but you just don’t remember it?

    Meditation has been a life-saver for me in as much as it has taught me that I don’t have to indulge in every angry, sad or anxious thought that comes into my head. I’ve learned a lot from guided meditations by Sam Harris, Eckhart Tolle and Leo Gura.

    I didn’t know that statistic about psychopaths but I can believe it. I’ll look it up but I’m guessing the increase in psychopaths might be connected to the restructuring of consciousness that Doug and I were talking about. The powers that be are probably happy to see us becoming less compassionate and more self-centered as technology seeps into every corner of our lives.
    Thank you for listening and commenting, Laurent.

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