The Phony Left/Right Paradigm and the Cult of Statism

Doug and David discuss the false, political left/right paradigm. We discuss statism, the hidden dark rulers, psychological manipulation, polarization, inverted reality, and more. 

Ron Paul: Why I don’t trust Trump on Iran

CFR Members and Bilderberg attendees appointed by Trump

Trump is a Total Fraud

Adventures in the Earth Game

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  • Great back to basics discussion there lads… anyone who is new to this will benefit greatly by giving up a meagre 1 hour 20 mins to listen, although saying that us veteran researchers need a good grounding every so often and this provided it!

    Love the “Politics” etymology too😂

    • Thank you Lenny! It seems basic to us, but so many Americans cannot see it. Thanks for listening and commenting as usual! Let’s catch up soon brother!

    • Thanks for listening and commenting, Lenny! Sorry it took me so long to respond. I got a new computer and I’m still getting used to it.

  • I just began this segment, but there are already lots of good information here, about war especially. Very good work, Doug ! Alongside with war and war slaughter, there is illegal immigration to Europe which killed almost 20000 refugees drowning in Mediterranean sea since 2015 ! This is horrible death toll to satisfy the pleasure of european leftists, who love themselves virtually welcoming the survivors, whilst they are also responsible of the deaths (what a sick game). Yes, but this is their own side doing it, so this is not bad. Of course it is bad, those would still be alive without those leftists maniacs. Moreover, I hear the crossing costs $3000 per person, which goes in the pocket of human traffickers, how generous ! Same as war with Iran with Trump followers, the blindness of ones own darkness, makes everything justified. Sorry, I am a little upset, but I measure the distance left to travel so that we truly evolve… and we are not there yet 😉 Thanks again

    • Thank you Laurent! It’s amazing, the globalists are really making their moves while the bulk of humanity just sleeps on. Here in the US, the cult of statism really has the trumpsters and the leftards completely blinded. The neocons can say anything, even changing their story multiple times, and the trumpets just blindly support, celebrating murder and slaughter. Most Americans are historically ignorant, and the football scores seem to be far more important than current events. I think we are far past the turning point and humanity needs to realize where it stands but I just don’t see it happening on a large enough scale. I’ve been reading quotes from various globalists going back to the early 20th century and their plans are really amping up these days. It’s amazing to observe all of this.

      Thank you so much for your support and comments Laurent! All the best to you!

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