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  • Why isn’t Spiderman bi-sexual? Because he likes girls. So tired of the over emphasis of sexual preference in today’s society. It sure seems like everyone is obsessed with their own sexuality and their entire life is focused around it. There are gay super heroes, there are lesbian heroes. There is a hero/heroine/villain/villainess of just about every sexual orientation you can image. Go read those comic books. Stop trying to change existing characters and story lines to appease your over sexualized needs. OR, if you can’t find a character that matches up to your needs, then go make one. On another note… Who cares what their sexual orientation is aside from agenda pushing, if it doesn’t add to the storyline of whatever character you’re speaking about, then it’s irrelevant. Sweet Fancy Moses.

    BTW, did you know Wonder Woman was originally all about Bondage? Based on the creators (Husband, wife and live in lovers) obsession with it. Ok, rant over. Sorry. Thanks for the Podcast guys! Love it!

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