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  • “The Mythological Foundations of Christmas and Santa Clause” – Truly fascinating, Doug. I’ve said it before but you pack more information in one sentence than most people do in a whole paragraph. You’re like a sane Terence Mckenna. I am considering taking this information to the mall to share with Santa. You may have to bail me out of jail.

  • Its the most wonderful time of the year!!! I study this every season… I get drawn into it for my yearly reality check on why everyone turns into rabid consumer zombies! A great book is “Astrotheology & Shamanism: Christianity’s Pagan Roots. A Revolutionary Reinterpretation of the Evidence” by Jan Irvin which delves right into the history and symbolism and a great presentation on the subject can be found here https://youtu.be/i9oenl3RgJ8 by Red Ice Radio which should if you haven’t seen it make good material for future work!

    Great work as always Doug… I keep saying it, must catch up! We’ll get a skype in before Christmas mate!

    • Awesome Lenny! Thank you. This topic has always fascinated me. That book sounds very interesting. Stay in touch brother.

  • Hi Doug,
    Interesting perspective on Christmas tradition. Thank you for your extensive research on this topic, Doug ! Unbelievable the number of similarities between mythraic and christian traditions, that cannot be a coincidence, what I see here is the possible battle of power between an old system and a new one, retaining many elements of the old to steer the masses without too much fight, this over centuries so that memory is diluted. There is indeed something special about the yule season of the year, perhaps at symbolic or energetic levels as paganism and shamanism would suggest. However, when one has experienced shamanism, this energy is an all-year-round perspective, but there undoubtedly is a greater connection with nature and natural cycles. Having said this, I hardly see myself giving mushrooms as present this Christmas, although there would be useful to many relatives and family. Happy Yuletide from Switzerland, Doug !

    • Thank you so much Laurent! I’ve always found this topic fascinating. The church did what it has always done: it hijacked the abounding customs and traditions and wove them into its own ideologies. Jesus is Mithra! Now, the political figurehead pope is calling for a “one world religion” while more and more scandal is being exposed in the church.

      Happy Yuletide my friend! Thanks for listening and commenting.

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