The Hegelian Dialectic Revisited

 Doug Michael

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Truth is not found in the thesis nor the antithesis; truth is found in the emerging synthesis.Martin Luther King Jr.

One of the prime tactics that the Consortium uses to advance its agenda towards the totalitarian, New World Order is a technique known as the Hegelian Dialectic. Since they cannot openly introduce their system, it must be achieved in increments, step by step. The Consortium must chip away, little by little, piece by piece, and very carefully and methodically remove freedom in such a way that it goes unnoticed by the masses. However, in this day and age, they’ve really become brazen and sloppy because time is rapidly running out. The Masonic dictum, “ordo ab chao” or order out of chaos is precisely the technique that is utilized to achieve the ends of the Consortium. They create the chaos from which order is established, their order. The symbolic phoenix rising from the ashes is the new order of the occulted, dark Consortium. How this is done is through a variety of engineered situations, such as:

  • False flag terrorist attacks
  • Economic collapse
  • Heavy increase in violent crimes such as school shootings
  • Acts of war
  • Panic warnings
  • Pandemics, real or imagined
  • Assassinations

This list could go on but you get the idea. The term “false flag” means that an attack is perpetrated by inside forces, and blamed on someone else, and governments have a long history of perpetrating false flag events. In fact, the modern definition of false flag is:

Covert operations conducted by governments, corporations or other organizations which are designed to appear as if they are being carried out by other entities.1

The best example of a modern false flag event is the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, and there are numerous examples throughout history. The official story of what happened on the morning of 9/11/2001 is absolute nonsense, which I’ll expose in a future essay. There are many volumes and video documentaries that are in circulation that prove beyond a doubt that the official story of 9/11 is a steaming pile of crap from start to finish. None of the pieces of the official story fit together and in fact, the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears is far more believable. The public has been sold countless lies about the 9/11 event, and many others, which I would like to touch upon in this article so as to explain the Hegelian Dialectic.

David Dees art:

George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a German philosopher whose dialectic triad is continuously employed by the Consortium. There is argument as to where the dialectic triad idea originated, but it is not important, nor is it important to discuss the ideas of Hegel for the purposes here. I only wish to explain what the dialectic triad is, and to explain how it is used by the Consortium and point out some modern examples of it, because it is one of the prime tools of the Consortium. The Hegelian Dialectic has three parts:

  • Thesis
  • Antithesis
  • Synthesis


An easier way to explain this process would be to adopt the terminology that author David Icke used in his book and the truth shall set you free,2 which is to term these three steps as: problem/reaction/solution. Examining the order out of chaos method, the Hegelian Dialectic is utilized thusly:

  1. Thesis/problem: a problem is covertly created that will initiate a reaction from the public. Crucial to this stage is to make sure that a patsy is lined up to take the blame so as to keep all eyes off of the true perpetrators. The problem could be any number of staged events, i.e. a bombing, an assassination etc.
  2. Antithesis/reaction: the Consortium then waits for the reaction from the public, and also influences that reaction through their mainstream media outlets with spin, disinformation and outright lies. In the event of a false flag attack, the reaction is fear, outrage, panic, anger etc. and what the Consortium wants the most, the demand from the public that something be done to combat the problem.
  3. . Synthesis/solution: next, the Consortium ushers in their solution, which they would not have been able to do otherwise. Using the example of 9/11, the Consortium needed the reaction from the American people in order to wage wars in the Middle East and to pass draconian legislation that dismantles freedom. The United States is very close to becoming a total police state, which would not be so without the horrific events of 9/11, or at least we would not be this close to it. Britain is also very close, which most likely would not have been possible without the London bombings of 7/7/05. The chaos is created, the reaction is evoked, and then the solution is ushered in, which ultimately brings us closer to the New World Order.
    The Consortium creates a dichotomy, in which they control all sides and manufactures fake opposition. For instance, in the US, both the Democrat and Republican political parties are controlled by the same force. They appear to be in opposition but in actuality, they are one and the same. Out of all of the 2008 presidential candidates, twelve were members of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). Six of them were Republicans and six were Democrats. While they appear to be in opposition, the twelve CFR candidates actually serve the same force, so it doesn’t matter if one of the CFR Democrats or one of the CFR Republicans wins the presidency; they still serve the CFR and the Round Table Network, even if they aren’t fully aware of the agenda they are being selected to serve. The US is a plutocratic, one-party system disguised to appear as a democracy and freedom of choice is merely an illusion.
pick your poison
Both political parties in the US are controlled by the same force, the Consortium and its round table network and are awash with Council on Foreign Relations members.

For the purposes of explaining how the Hegelian Dialectic is utilized by the Consortium, I will outline a few examples:

The Sinking of the Lusitania                                        

Sometimes, the Consortium will use a bait & switch tactic, and the sinking of the British luxury liner, the Lusitania, is a good example. On May 7, 1915, an ocean liner loaded with passengers-most of them civilians-was torpedoed off the coast of Ireland by German U-boats. Even official history shows that the Lusitania was loaded with ammunition and that the ship was fitted for war and registered as an armed, auxiliary cruiser. The Germans apparently even warned Americans not to travel on such ships by printing newspaper articles but due to intervention by the state department, only one newspaper add was ever printed.3

Also aboard the ship was British Prime Minister, David Alfred Thomas. The Lusitania sank in 18 minutes and 1,198 people died as a result of the attack. The problem was that a “passenger” ship was sunk. The reaction was outrage and anger. The solution was that the sinking of the Lusitania was the catalyzing event that garnered public opinion for American intervention in WW I, under the direction of Wilson (House and the Round Table Network). The placement of ammunition (millions of rounds of rifle ammo and 76 mm shells) was a direct violation of American law, and should have never been placed on a ship carrying passengers, but it was done so on purpose, with foreknowledge that the Germans would sink it for the means of justifying American involvement in the war. Some historians and researchers claim that the ship was sunk by the British and blamed on the Germans, and I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to find out that was the case since that is how the Consortium operates.

A similar incident happened on February 15, 1898, when the American battleship, the USS Maine was sunk off the coast of Cuba. Official reports of the time concluded that a naval mine had caused the explosion but those reports were refuted by experts. This was the catalyzing event that won public approval for the Spanish-American War. Explosives experts investigating the explosion concluded that it was an accident but nevertheless, the sinking of the Maine was blamed on Spain and public support for war was high, even prompting the slogan: “remember the Maine, to hell with Spain!” As a result of the Spanish-American War, Spain lost its control over its remaining overseas empire, including Cuba, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippine Islands. Sometimes the Consortium does not have to stage an event; they can simply take advantage of an event and spin it the way they want people to perceive it, so as to get the necessary reaction to advance their agenda.

Hitler’s Burning of the Reichstag                                         

This event is a prime example of a stage-managed crisis enacted by government forces to advance a totalitarian agenda. The Reichstag fire was a key event in the establishment of Nazi Germany. On February 27, 1933, the German Reichstag (Parliament) building was set ablaze. The fire was immediately blamed on the communists, and allowed Hitler to suspend civil liberties and to be endowed with emergency powers. The Reichstag event allowed Hitler to remove political opposition, to declare martial law and to suspend human rights guaranteed under the German Constitution, with the enactment of the Reichstag Fire Decree. The fire was blamed on a mentally retarded, Dutch Communist named Marinus van der Lubbe. Van der Lubbe was the patsy, just as Timothy McVeigh was the patsy for the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, and Lee Harvey Oswald was the fall guy for the Kennedy assassination in 1963.

The Communist Party was banned in Germany, purely as a result of the Reichstag Fire Decree, which allowed the Nazi party to control the majority in the Parliament. Citing national security concerns, Hitler was granted the ability to rule by decree, becoming furor solely as a result of this false flag operation. Some historians believe that the Reichstag event was a plot conceived by Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebles. The Reichstag Fire Decree was used to imprison anyone that was in opposition to the Nazi Party and to suppress publications that were not friendly to the Nazi movement. To understand who is most likely responsible for events such as these, it is always a good question to ask: cui bono? Who benefits? Overwhelmingly, it is the power elites (so called) that are committed to the inception of global government and to the removal of freedoms that benefit the most. In other words, it is the Consortium that benefits from events that advance the agenda towards the totalitarian super-state, and not the individual “crazies” that are blamed for it.

card-reichstag_fireOperation Ajax                                                                       

In 1953, the British and American governments conspired together to instigate a coup against the democratically elected Iranian President Mohammed Mosaddeq. The British government had asked President Harry Truman for assistance, but he refused, and in 1953, the Administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower agreed to assist in the overthrow of Mosaddeq.

Mosaddeq began the process of privatizing the vast Iranian oil fields, believing that the nation should profit directly, which would thereby deny the British the opportunity to monopolize the oil fields, which were controlled by the Anglo-Iranian oil company, which later changed its name to British Petroleum (BP). The British initiated a worldwide boycott of Iranian oil which plunged the country into financial turmoil.

The American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was directly involved in the coup and one of its top officials at the time, Kermit Roosevelt Jr. (grandson of Freemason Theodore Roosevelt) was heavily involved in the widespread bribery of Iranian government officials and news media. A safe haven was established in Southern Iran, from which CIA backed guerrilla forces and agents operated.

The CIA conducted covert operations including false flag attacks, propaganda campaigns, controlled media disinformation, bribery of government and military officials, acting as agent provocateurs in controlled protests and mob riots and arming opposition parties. Eventually, the Consortium was successful through their CIA coup d’état and Mosaddeq was ousted. The Shah was placed into power to act as a dictator that would be friendly to western interests. Eventually, the Islamic revolution in 1979 ousted the Shah and Ayatollah Khomeini took control after years of exile. This ended western control over the oil fields again, and now the Consortium through its cronies such as Obama, have their sights set once again on Iran. A US invasion of Iran would be disastrous, as the Iranians maintain a strong military and are prepared to defend themselves. Iraq did not have near the military capacity that Iran does, and look at the mess in that country. There were no weapons of mass destruction and the entire pretext to the war in Iraq was a lie by the way.

Operation Northwoods                                                          

In 1962, the US Department of Defense (DoD) actually drafted a plan to stage false flag terror attacks against American citizens on US soil. The idea was to carry out attacks and blame them on Cuba to justify war. This is perhaps one of the most well documented examples of the Hegelian Dialectic triad that exists, due to its declassification. This insidious scheme was drafted and signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff * and part of the Northwoods agenda proposed the idea of hijacking jet airliners both within US and Cuban airspace.4 Included in the Northwoods plan were proposals to:

  • Stage mock attacks at Guantanamo Bay and blame them on the Cubans.
  • Destroy a US ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame it on Cuban military forces. (Remember the Spanish Maine).
  • Use aircraft disguised as Cuban Migs to destroy US aircraft.
  • Destroy a US drone aircraft and claim that it was full of college students to promote outrage in the public mind.
  • Destroy crops.
  • Sink boats loaded with Cuban refugees.
  • Murder civilians on American streets.
  • Commit terrorist attacks in Washington DC and in other American cities, and blame them on Cuba.

The truly disturbing thing about Operation Northwoods is that all of the Joint Chiefs of Staff supported and were willing to carry out this plan to initiate the reaction needed from the public to support war against Cuba. President Kennedy rejected the plan, and he also came between other schemes that the Consortium wished to carry out which is why he was murdered. JFK stepped on too many toes. It’s interesting to me, that even though this information is declassified, Americans seem to think that the government would never wish to carry out similar false flag events such as the attacks of 9/11. But then, how many people have ever even heard of Operation Northwoods? It certainly isn’t mentioned much in the mainstream press, if at all.

The Northwoods plan was linked to two other operations titled Operation Mongoose and Operation Bingo. Operation Bingo outlined a plan to:

create an incident which has the appearance of an attack on U.S. facilities in Cuba, thus providing an excuse for use of U.S. military might to overthrow the current government of Cuba.”5

Operation Bingo also apparently outlined a plan called Operation Dirty Trick, which would place the blame on Castro if the 1962 manned, Mercury space flight happened to crash or if it was sabotaged. A Pentagon report in relation to Operation Northwoods and Operation Mongoose stated:

We could blow up a US ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba…Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.”6

This is the Hegelian Dialectic in action; create a situation, then use the media to whip up public outrage, and then offer the solution which usually involves war and the removal of freedom. To his credit John F. Kennedy rejected the Northwoods plan and although it wasn’t carried out, people should be familiar with this information and the fact that high level military leaders were perfectly willing to carry out these atrocities under the orders of their Consortium masters.

The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy               

There are volumes of information in existence that clearly show that the official, government story of the assassination of JFK is completely ridiculous, so I will just touch on a few points here and be as brief as possible. President Kennedy’s murder was a classic problem/reaction/solution scenario and most importantly to understand; it was a ritual sacrifice. Lee Harvey Oswald, the “crazy lone gunman” blamed for the assassination was the fall guy and he was also a CIA asset,* as was Osama Bin Laden.

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was shot to death while riding with his motorcade, in Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, Texas. The Plaza is named after George Bannerman Dealey, a high level Freemason who was a publisher for The Dallas Morning News. Interestingly, Dealey Plaza was the location of the first Masonic temple in Dallas. The Warren Commission, which was the official organization set up to investigate (whitewash) the Kennedy assassination, was set up by CFR members. What a surprise huh?

The site where Kennedy was murdered was chosen carefully by the Consortium and the ritualistic aspects of his murder are staggering. Dallas is located close to the 33rd parallel. The point where Kennedy was shot was at the apex of a pyramid with a missing capstone. The assassination of JFK was a professional hit, and there is no way that it was carried out by a lone gunman, as the famous Zapruda film clearly shows. He was shot at least three times and from different angles, and the fatal head-shot came from the front as the film demonstrably shows. As Kennedy’s car neared the point where he was shot, the vehicle slowed to a mere 7 MPH, which violated Secret Service protocol, and it wasn’t until after the fatal head-shot that the car finally accelerated. President Lyndon B. Johnson ordered an investigation which was headed by Freemason and Chief Justice, Earl Warren.

kennedy pyramid
This satellite image shows the site where JFK was murdered. Notice the pyramid with the missing capstone.

Hundreds of witnesses made statements that contradicted the official Warren Report but their testimonies were swept under the rug, just as the many credible 9/11 witnesses that claimed to have heard multiple explosions coming from the sub-basement levels of the Twin Towers had their testimonies discounted. Many of the witnesses to the JFK assassination that have come forward, including FBI and CIA agents, receive death threats to this day. One hundred seventy-seven people involved in the case have died under mysterious circumstances, including several Dallas Policemen.7

The CIA was intimately involved in mind control experiments such as MK Ultra, in which people can be literally programmed to carry out horrible acts and not even remember their involvement in them. Just as with the secret society networks, the intelligence agencies operate in a compartmentalized, top-down, pyramidal structure, so that those within the lower levels will never know the true workings of the upper levels. The CIA and all intelligence agencies are creations of the Consortium and are intimately connected.

After the Kennedy assassination, witnesses were intimidated, discredited and murdered. Within hours, Oswald was blamed and demonized in the media, just as Bin Laden was taking the fall within hours after 9/11, and just like the 9/11 Commission Report, the Warren Commission Report was an absolute whitewash. Coincidentally, Oswald was murdered by Jack Ruby before he ever got to tell his story and the murder took place very close to where Kennedy was killed, within the pyramid at Dealey Plaza. Interestingly, the word Dealey means “goddess line.” The city of Dallas is loaded with esoteric symbolism and the Consortium operates in such a ritualistic fashion, that the fact that the assassination was an inside job is a no-brainer to those that understand the ritualistic side of these types of incidences. The Consortium places their mark everywhere, and after the death of JFK, an obelisk was placed near the murder site in Dealey Plaza and the eternal flame was placed on Kennedy’s grave.

kennedy eternal flame
The eternal flame of the Illuminati which was placed on Kennedy’s grave.
kennedy street plan obolisk
The obelisk which stands near JFK’s murder scene. Note also the pyramid of the street plan where he was killed. The eternal flame and obelisk are the Consortium’s calling cards.

The obelisk and the eternal flame are both signatures of the Illuminati/Consortium. The obelisk is a phallic symbol, and the eternal flame is the flame of the Illuminati (Prometheus).  Kennedy was shot in the exact locations that the allegorical, Freemasonic figure, Hiram Abiff was stabbed as the legend goes, in the back, throat and back of the head. This symbolizes the purging of the Templar Knights, according to research journalist Kentroversy.8 Abiff was the legendary builder of Solomon’s Temple and his murder is acted out in Freemasonic rituals.

Oswald also had connections with the FBI and the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) and operated out of an office which was shared by CIA agent Howard Hunt. The only person ever convicted in the murder of Kennedy was a man named Clay Shaw, who also had connections to the CIA.9 After the assassination, evidence was removed and tampered with and documents were locked away under “national security” restrictions. Witnesses began to die including policemen that would testify to attorney Jim Garrison who was investigating the case to prove a conspiracy to commit the murder of President Kennedy. Garrison’s investigation was obstructed and compromised by high level people within the intelligence community and he was thoroughly discredited in the media which is what happens when anyone dares to challenge the Consortium. Apparently the Mafia was also involved in JFK’s murder and was allied with the CIA, and at the top, both organizations are controlled by the Consortium.

Key information was simply discarded from the official Warren Report, just as crucial information was deliberately left out of the official 9/11 Commission Report; history repeats! The Consortium placed its people within the commissions to investigate itself so that key evidence would be ignored, and fabricated distortions could be presented as truth.

The route that Kennedy’s motorcade took was deliberately set up to take his car into triangulation crossfire within the pyramid of the street plan of Dealey Plaza. Kennedy was the only American, Roman Catholic president, and author Icke mentions that researcher and former intelligence officer, William Cooper stated that the murder of JFK was revenge for the Catholic Church’s purging of the Templar Knights.10 November 22, the day that Kennedy was murdered, was the same day that the Catholic Church ordered the Templars to be tortured and burned by a papal bull issued by Pope Clement V.11 Again, the ritualistic aspects of JFK’s murder are numerous and there are also numerological “coincidences” as well, and I’ve barely scratched the surface here. After a while of studying the global elite, Consortium/Illuminati network, you begin to realize that there are no coincidences.

In 1978, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations was set up to investigate the murders of JFK and Martin Luther King Jr. Even though the findings of the Committee were official conclusions, they were not completely in line with the findings of the Warren Commission Report and the FBI reports. The House Select Committee concluded that Oswald was the assassin, but I believe that if he fired any shots at all, that they were merely diversions, especially when you look at the Zapruda film which shows clearly that JFK was shot from behind, and from the front. New research suggests that the Zapruda film was doctored but even if that is true, Kennedy must have been shot from multiple angles due to the location of his wounds. The Committee concluded that there had to have been at least two shooters, and this conclusion was based on scientific, acoustic evidence.12 The committee also concluded that Kennedy’s murder was the result of a conspiracy and that Kennedy did not have adequate protection. Who has the power to issue orders that circumvent standard, Secret Service protocol? Those within the upper echelons of the Consortium do.

The question must then be asked; why did the Consortium want Kennedy killed? I believe he was murdered for a number of reasons, among them:

  • During Kennedy’s term, the CIA was active in Cuba. JFK ordered the CIA out of Cuba, and sent FBI squads in to shut down CIA training camps. The CIA’s job was to train Cuban soldiers to overthrow the Castro government in what was known as the Bay of Pigs invasion. It was a colossal failure.
  • Kennedy wished to dismantle the CIA and was quoted as saying that he wanted to: “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.”13 He tried to transfer the responsibility of covert operations directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • JFK signed a ban on nuclear testing.
  • He ordered US troops to withdraw from Vietnam.
  • Kennedy fired Allen Dulles (BG, CFR, Skull and Bones) who was the director of the CIA at the time.
  • Most crucially in my opinion is the fact that Kennedy began printing interest free currency that was independent of the international, Consortium-controlled, Rothschild/Rockefeller banking network. On June 4, 1963, Kennedy signed Executive Order number 11110, which gave the government the power to issue its own, interest free currency. This took power away from the Consortium-controlled, Federal Reserve Bank, which loans money to the government, and which working citizens pay the interest of through their taxation. Kennedy gave power to the treasury to issue silver certificates backed by silver bullion, silver and silver dollars in the treasury, and his order brought nearly $4.3 billion of these silver notes into circulation. Federal Reserve notes are backed by nothing and are intrinsically worthless. Kennedy was trying to take away the Consortium’s ability to lend money to the government through their central banks and their ability to screw the American taxpayer for the interest on those loans.

If enough of the silver backed certificates came into circulation, it would have eliminated the need for Federal Reserve notes and the Rothschild/Rockefeller banking establishment would have lost their financial grip on the United States. The government having the power to produce and issue its own interest-free currency would eliminate the staggering debt of the US but the Consortium creates debt to keep the people enslaved economically. However, since the government is owned and controlled by the Consortium, it really doesn’t matter anyway. What is necessary is to transcend the entire, debt based, monetary systems of enslavement. This is the same system that was developed by the Templar Knights and it’s still in use because the same people are in control.

The problem was that an American president was publicly executed. The reaction was shock, outrage, disbelief, despair, grief and fear. The solution was that Lyndon Baines Johnson (Freemason) became president and acted to reverse many of Kennedy’s policies. Johnson reversed JFK’s order to withdraw troops from Vietnam, thereby permitting all of the horrors that came with that war. Johnson kept the CIA intact. The one thing he didn’t change was the executive order granting the government the right to print its own currency. Apparently, that order is still in effect but no president has dared to act upon it; for they would meet with the same fate as Kennedy if they did. The massive debt in the US would not be near as much if the power to print interest free currency were issued. Not that it really matters anymore, since the government is so thoroughly corrupted now and infested with agents that serve the Round Table Network. Debt equals control, and the Consortium certainly won’t relinquish the stranglehold they have on the American economy and people.

There is so much to the Kennedy assassination and many books and documentary videos have been published that show conclusively that Oswald could not have acted alone. I recommend the book by Jim Marrs called: Crossfire: the Plot That Killed Kennedy,14 which was the basis for the screenplay of the movie JFK,15 by Oliver Stone, which I also recommend. Stone’s film was attacked in the media before it was even released! It is a very well done and controversial film.

JFK’s brother Robert, a US Senator and Democratic candidate, was also assassinated on June 5, 1968, in Los Angeles, California. A Palestinian man named Shiran Shiran was blamed for the murder but an autopsy report of the time concluded that a second shooter must have been present. A cover-up ensued, photographs were confiscated, evidence was tampered with, and court files disappeared. Perhaps the Consortium was worried that Robert would gain sympathy from the American voters and eventually be elected president?

I’ll end this segment with a couple of quotes. The first is from Sherman Cooley, a former Marine who served with Oswald and saw him shoot:

If I had to pick one man in the whole United States to shoot me, I’d pick Oswald. I saw the man shoot. There’s no way he could have ever learned to shoot well enough to do what they accused him of doing in Dallas.”16

Before her death in 2002, Madeleine Duncan Brown, Lyndon Johnson’s mistress, claimed that the night before the JFK assassination, L.B.J. claimed that:

Those SOB’s will never embarrass me again.”17

The 1993 Bombing of the World Trade Center       

When most people think of the World Trade Center, they think of the attacks of September 11, 2001. So few are even aware that the WTC was bombed on February 26, 1993. At approximately 12:17 PM, a 1,200 pound car bomb that was placed in the underground parking garage in tower one, detonated. The intention was to knock tower one into tower two causing severe destruction and killing tens of thousands of people. Six people were killed and 1,040 were injured and the explosion caused a half-billion dollars in damages. Apparently, the van containing the explosives was not parked close enough to the concrete foundation to cause the tower to collapse.

Wreckage of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

The FBI had commissioned an informer to infiltrate a terrorist cell to gather information on the intention to bomb the WTC18 and this is according to official reports. Emad Salem was a former Egyptian Army officer whose job it was to help a group of radicals build a bomb which was to be used to try to bring down the World Trade Center. The idea was that Salem was to help the group construct a bomb that consisted of harmless powder. An FBI supervisor called off the plan thus allowing the actual bombing to go forward. When Salem was issued the order to not construct a dummy bomb, he began audio taping his hundreds of hours of conversations with FBI officials.

The FBI had enough foreknowledge to thwart the attack, but allowed it to happen on orders from the Consortium. Salem was in a position to thwart the attack by using a dummy bomb filled with harmless powder, but the FBI allowed the bombing to occur, killing six and wounding over 1,000. Does anyone honestly believe that they wouldn’t allow it to happen again in 2001? The upper and corrupted levels of the intelligence agencies and the military industrial complex were intimately involved; 9/11 could not have happened any other way.

When people become familiar with schemes such as the Northwoods operation, in which the government admitted to plotting to stage false flag events, one can begin to see the horrific events that unfold in a whole new light. When one begins to understand the ritualistic aspects to so many events that occur, it shifts the perspective even more and the events can truly be seen for what they are.

In 1993, the FBI had every opportunity to stop the bombing of the WTC and did nothing. They had prior knowledge and allowed the attack to occur. The problem was that a bombing occurred in New York City. The reaction was fear, panic, shock and outrage. The solution was that society was brought one step closer to the New World Order. Had the towers fallen in 1993, it is likely that by now, we would already be living in a complete, totalitarian, police state. We are getting closer to that by the day, but sometimes things do happen that hinder the Consortium’s plans.

The Waco Massacre                                                               

 Just two months after the Consortium-sponsored attacks on the WTC, another horrific event was engineered by the Consortium which claimed the lives of at least 74 men, women and children. On April 19, 1993, the Federal Bureau of Investigations was ordered to raid the Branch Davidian compound of David Koresh at Mt. Carmel near Waco in Texas, thereby ending a 51-day siege. It is no accident that the siege at Waco ended on April 19. That date is ritualistically significant to the Consortium and practicing Satanists. For dark occultists, April 19 commences 13 days of bloodletting that culminates on May 1, the founding day of the Bavarian Illuminati. The 19th of April demands a fire sacrifice. The massacre at Waco was a ritual sacrifice, which occurred on the 50th anniversary of Hitler’s burning of the Warsaw ghetto in Poland in which innocent people were incinerated in the same way that Branch Davidians were. Koresh was 33 years old, and there are other numerological coincidences relating to the Waco event, and so many others. Again, everything is ritual and symbolism with the Consortium network.

The Branch Davidians were dissidents but they were law abiding. The firearms they owned were legal and they were a religious community and of course Koresh and the Davidians were portrayed as cultists and militants in the Consortium-controlled media. I personally feel that they were misguided; however, the Davidians seemed to simply live their lives according to their particular beliefs, which is supposed to be the right of everyone in America.

The siege by the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) and FBI began only two days after the bombing of the World Trade Center, and many tragic events just so happen to occur on or near the 19th of April. The ATF was investigating firearms law violations, and several of the Branch Davidians were firearms dealers that made their money buying and selling firearms at gun shows. A documentary film titled: Waco: the Rules of Engagement shows the truer picture of what really happened at Mt. Carmel, including the circus that took place afterward at the court hearings.19

Koresh, upon hearing that he was being investigated by the ATF, invited them to the compound to investigate for themselves the allegations. If the authorities ever wanted to take Koresh into custody, they could have picked him up at any time, because he used to leave the compound frequently to go jogging. There was no reason for the ATF to issue a warrant, and the one that was issued was very sloppy and contained false claims.20 The Consortium needed to make an example of what happens to people that try to be too independent of the system and also to conduct one of their horrific ritual sacrifices. The Waco massacre also allowed for anti-terrorism legislation to be railroaded through the Congress.

The media claimed, based on ATF reports, that the Branch Davidians opened fire first but that was a lie, as the Rules of Engagement clearly points out. Evidence disappeared which always seems to happen when events like this take place. The ATF apparently even murdered puppies that were penned off at the compound.21 It’s clear that the ATF used excessive force and that they began firing weapons at the Branch Davidians first.

A jury in San Antonio, Texas found that the four ATF agents that were killed in the standoff were shot in self- defense. The command was eventually turned over to the FBI and that’s when things at Mt. Carmel got really ugly. Tanks were deployed and the FBI broadcasted the recorded, blood curdling screams of rabbits being slaughtered through a PA system. They shined bright spotlights on the compound at night to deliberately keep the Davidians from sleeping. These tactics are essentially a form of psychological warfare. One of the survivors claimed that a tank proceeded to run over one of the graves of a buried Davidian, over and over again.22

Janet Reno (CFR) Attorney General under Bill Clinton (BG, CFR, TC) ordered the FBI to attack the compound of the Branch Davidians on April 19, 1993. Battle tanks rolled in and teargas comprised of the volatile CS chemical mixture was deployed into the compound, despite the fact that there were many children present. Such is the mentality of the Consortium and the underlings that blindly follow their orders. The siege began just after noon which is significant. JFK was murdered just after noon as well, when the sun is “most high.” The Consortium-controlled, mainstream media simply parrots the official line it is fed by official sources, and so it is possible for agencies such as the FBI to massacre innocent civilians and for people to believe that such actions are justifiable.

During the Waco siege, women and children retreated to a concrete and steel reinforced area of the compound. A tank was sent through the side of the compound to deliberately reach the safe hold area and deploy the CS gas where the women and children were taking refuge. There was no ventilation in that area.23 CS dust as well as fumes from kerosene tanks that were destroyed by armored vehicles filled the entire inside of the compound. In addition, the compound was ventilated from the destruction so that the conditions were perfect to cause a blazing inferno. Infra red films examined by experts clearly show detonations within the compound at Waco, and survivors testified to experiencing massive flames engulfing the inside of the compound, and pyrotechnic projectiles were found within the compound. Specifically, 40 mm, military devices that were fired from a hand-held grenade launcher were found. Two of such devices were found and the FBI claimed that it did not use any devices which could start a fire or in other words, they lied. Shortly after 12 PM, the Branch Davidian compound was set ablaze by the FBI in one of many of the Consortium’s horrific, ritual sacrifices.

The FBI started the blaze in Waco which left at least 76 people dead.

Infra red film reveals that two individuals were firing automatic weapons into the flames near the dining room area of the compound, while retreating away from the inferno.24 The FBI confiscated forensic, photographic evidence so as to prop up the official story and to basically cover their asses. The siege ended with dozens of people gassed to death and burned alive. Key information was omitted from official reports. The entire compound was utterly destroyed and fire fighters were prevented from doing their jobs. The FBI claimed that they didn’t want the firefighters subjected to gunfire, but in truth, the ritual needed to go on to its completion.

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch (CFR) claimed that there was no evidence of political corruption, and claimed that Koresh and the Davidians set fire to the compound themselves and committed suicide.25 The Branch Davidians were murdered in a ritual sacrifice, which was televised for all to see, due in part to the subconscious effects such horrors would have on the collective mind. Also due in part to the fact that the creatures that engineer such atrocities are complete fucking psychopaths. The Davidians were made an example of and the official agencies involved removed and destroyed evidence and the cover-up ensued. There is always more to the story when events such as the Waco massacre take place than what appears on the surface and is presented in the mainstream media. The fact that the siege ended on April 19 is absolutely no coincidence; it was purposely ordered to conclude on that ritualistically significant day.

The Oklahoma City Bombing                                                 

On April 19, 1995, an explosion shook downtown Oklahoma City, as the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was bombed, leaving 168 people dead and over 800 wounded. This was another event in which the official story of what happened could not stand up to scrutiny and serious investigation, quite simply because the official findings were mostly lies.

The destruction to the Murrah Building was blamed on a fuel fertilizer bomb placed in a Ryder, rental truck by a lone nut named Timothy McVeigh. The Ryder, truck bomb was merely a diversion and others had to be involved due to the fact that multiple, unexploded bombs were found inside the building. Eyewitnesses close to the scene reported hearing multiple explosions as well. There were also multiple reports of McVeigh being spotted with another man (John Doe 2) but of course these reports all seemed to vanish from the official findings, because the story of a lone nut needed to be propped up. This is the pattern that repeats when these horrific, Consortium-engineered events take place. Twenty-four people reported to the FBI that they spotted McVeigh with an accomplice but of course those reports were swept under the rug. Official reports state that all of the eyewitnesses were mistaken, and they were never called into court to testify.26

A retired, career, military man (USAF) by the name of Brigadier General Benton K. Partin-an explosives and weapons expert-issued a report on July 30, 1995, which claimed that the damage caused to the Murrah Building could in no way be caused by an ammonia nitrate, fuel fertilizer bomb. Columns inside the building were so severely damaged that Partin claimed that the damage could only be caused by devices placed on the columns, not from a fuel-truck bomb a great distance away. Seven other experts agreed with Partin’s assessment, including demolitionists, scientists and bomb specialists. Partin is referred to as “one of the world’s premier explosives and ordnance authorities.”

The mainstream media even reported, from official sources on the day of the bombing, that government agencies claimed that other unexploded bombs were removed from the building. Eyewitnesses close to the scene claimed to have heard multiple explosions and so did witnesses close to the WTC on the morning of September 11, 2001. Multiple news reports claimed that two other bombs were found on the east side of the building and that bomb squads were present at the scene to try to diffuse the remaining explosives.27 One reporter claimed that whatever did the damage to the Murrah building was a: “tremendous, very sophisticated explosive device.”28

KWTV in Oklahoma City reported that a third bomb had been found in the building,29 and other news agencies claimed that the two unexploded bombs were even more powerful than the first that caused the damage. A reporter from KWTV stated:

It has now been confirmed through federal authorities that a second bomb has been found inside that federal building in Oklahoma City. It was an explosion at 9:00 this morning that did that damage you’re looking at right there-blowing off the entire north face of that building. Again, you’re looking at the north face. A second bomb was found on the east side of that building. A bomb squad is on the scene. That second bomb has not exploded. We don’t know quite the status yet-if they have managed to defuse it-but it has been confirmed that a second bomb has been found on the east side.30

It’s interesting that these official reports gradually vanished from the media as the story of lone nut McVeigh and a fuel truck bomb took their place. When false flag events occur it’s always the same thing that happens. The official story changes as the days go by and the cover story is accepted as absolute truth.

Coincidentally, two years prior to the Oklahoma bombing, Martin Keating, brother of Oklahoma Governor, Frank Keating, authored a book titled: The Final Jihad,31 a novel in which the “Oklahoma City Building” is bombed by a terrorist named Thomas McVeigh. Keating dedicated his prophetic book to a Masonic, secret society known as the Knights of the Secret Circle.

final jihad

It’s been demonstrated time and again by researchers that the face of the Murrah building was blown outwards. An excellent documentary called: 9/11 the Road to Tyranny,32 demonstrates this clearly as well as other anomalies of the event. A company by the name of Controlled Demolition was hired to demolish the Murrah building and to remove the rubble. Explosives experts as well as McVeigh’s defense lawyers were forbidden access to the rubble to conduct investigations. Why? Controlled Demolition is the same company that was hired to remove the rubble from the World Trade Center after the September 11 attacks of 2001. The remains of the Murrah Building were kept under guard by a company called Wackenhut, a private, Consortium owned company with heavy ties to the CIA and FBI.

Another “coincidence” concerning the bombing of the Murrah building, is that no ATF agents were in the building that morning, and the offices of the ATF were supposed to be the target according to the official fairy tale. Some ATF agents even told civilian witnesses at the scene that were asking questions that they were tipped off through their pagers not to show up to work that morning. Witnesses also reported seeing the bomb squad, in full gear in the vicinity of the Murrah Building, before the explosions took place!

What a stroke of good luck that they just so happened to be there, ready and waiting. Eventually, in spite of the FBI’s lies, the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Dept. was forced to admit that the bomb squad had been there prior to the explosions.

Just days prior to the explosions at the Murrah Building, a private pilot photographed a Ryder truck within a military compound near Camp Gruber-Braggs in Oklahoma.

A Ryder truck photographed from the air just days before the attack which was located at a military compound near Camp Gruber-Braggs in Oklahoma.

The FBI has withheld 12 surveillance camera tapes and over 4,000 documents pertaining to the Oklahoma bombing. Although the alleged target was the ATF offices, the Ryder truck was parked on the opposite side of the building. Seismographic spikes were recorded in Norman Oklahoma at the time of the bombing and on 9/11 seismic spikes were also recorded at the exact times that both of the twin towers collapsed. The FBI claimed that it identified the Ryder agency where McVeigh rented the truck from the VIN (vehicle identification number) stamped on the rear axle. The trouble with this claim is that manufacturers do not imprint axles with VIN numbers nor does Ryder. This magic axle was somehow found amidst the wreckage and also three blocks away from the Murrah building, according to official statements. McVeigh, like Oswald, was the fall guy made to take the blame for the real perpetrators of the event. Having a patsy to blame is crucial in carrying out false flag attacks.

McVeigh claimed that he had been implanted with microchip technology. As the late researcher Jim Keith pointed out:

Had McVeigh gone off the deep end in his belief about being implanted? Perhaps not. A significant detail about McVeigh’s past that is never mentioned by the media is that, after his stint in the Army, McVeigh was employed as a guard with Burns International Security Services at the Calspan facility in Buffalo, New York. Calspan is a division of the Fortune 500 company Arvin, which manufactures automobile parts, but the lower profile Calspan, according to the InvestText data-base, ‘provides technological services to the United States government and various industries.’ More precisely, according to industry sources, Calspan does research into aeronautics, electronic warfare, microwave technology, and electronic telemetric devices. Microchip implants are by definition electronic telemetric devices, and this technology is anything but science fiction.33

Agencies such as the CIA are intimately involved in mind control experimentation as with the secret projects such as Project Bluebird, Project Artichoke and the infamous and declassified, MK Ultra. Mind control through the use of drugs, hypnosis and technology is nothing new. Reporter Sally Barclay claimed that:

Something strange happened to McVeigh after he was with a psychologist during a mysterious counseling testing-session, prior to his aborted attempt to enter Special Forces. McVeigh’s Army associates noted ‘He seemed quite a bit different than he’d been before…‘He wasn’t the same McVeigh, didn’t have the same drive…’ Phil Morawski, a friend of McVeigh’s, states that he complained that he had a microchip implanted in his buttocks by the Army. McVeigh apparently thought that it had been implanted in order to monitor his movements, although at least one source has stated that McVeigh believed he was being mind controlled through the use of the microchip.34

So many “lone” assassins, terrorists, bombers, killers etc. seem to have connections to military and/or intelligence agencies. How many of them are mind controlled? I would suggest that it’s a very high percentage. Mind control projects and techniques appear to be a major piece of the puzzle when it comes to understanding false flag events and Consortium-engineered chaos.

The official line was that McVeigh bombed the Murrah building in retaliation to the siege at Mt. Carmel in Waco. Actually both events were ritual sacrifices conducted by the sick minds that make up the Consortium’s inner core, and let us not forget that both events took place on the ritualistically significant date of April 19.

Due to statements of experts such as General Partin, the official story changed to fit the “lone nut theory.” The ATF and other agencies originally claimed that 1,200 pounds of ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO) was used in the Ryder truck bomb, but when experts refuted such nonsense, claiming that in no way could that fuel truck bomb have caused such damage, the amount of ANFO miraculously increased in size. It became 4,000 pounds and increased to 4,800 pounds. Even research conducted by the US Air Force concluded that an ANFO bomb could not have even remotely caused the damage sustained to the Murrah Building.35 Concerning the damage sustained by the Murrah Building, Partin stated in an official report:

The pattern of damage would have been technically impossible without supplementing demolition charges.”36

The Air Force study was titled: “The Eglin Blast Effects Study,” and in part concluded that:

The damage to the Murrah Federal Building is consistent with damage resulting from mechanically coupled devices placed locally within the structure.”

And further:

It must be concluded that the damage at the Murrah Federal Building is not the result of the truck bomb itself, but rather due to other factors such as locally placed charges within the building itself…The procedures used to cause the damage to the Murrah Building are therefore more involved and complex than simply parking a truck and leaving.”37

Of course the findings and conclusions of the Air Force study and those of General Partin and other experts were simply dismissed while the official cover story was being propped up. The entire north face of the Murrah Building was blown outwards.

The Murrah Federal Building. A USAF study concluded that a fuel truck bomb could in no way have caused the damage sustained to the building. Several experts concurred. The north face of the building was blown outwards.

The problem was that a federal building was bombed and innocent people died, many of them children in the day care center of the Murrah Building. The reaction was panic, outrage, anguish, shock and disbelief. The solution was the railroading of anti-terrorism legislation through the Congress that curtailed civil liberties; the discrediting and demonization of militia groups in the US; President Clinton’s call for the easing of restrictions on military involvement in domestic law enforcement; and essentially the push towards driving America one step closer to the New World Order. Once the Hegelian Dialectic triad/problem-reaction-solution technique is understood, it becomes clear that this method of creating false flag events occurs over and over again throughout history.

The London Bombings                                                           

On July 7, 2005, a series of bombings occurred in London that killed 56 people and injured 700. The target was London’s transportation system as the underground tube trains, and a public bus were attacked. Like so many other events, the London bombings show all the signs of a false flag operation. Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Britain at the time claimed that an open, public investigation into the bombings would be a “ludicrous diversion,” and would take away valuable resources from the war on terror. The Blair government rejected independent inquiries into the attacks despite demand from the Muslim communities and from the families of the victims.38 The Bush government did the same thing with the 9/11 attacks and it was only public demand of the victim’s families that forced the 9/11 Commission investigation, which was an utter whitewash.

The London bombings and the events of 9/11 contain some eerie similarities; for instance, during both events, there were drills being conducted by the government of the exact same targets being hit at the exact times that they were attacked! The official stories pertaining to both events contain contradiction after contradiction, impossibilities, distortions of facts and outright absurdities.

A few hours after the London bombings, it was announced that the Al-Qaeda terrorist network confessed to the attacks, but there was one problem; the confession was traced to an internet server in Texas.39

Peter Power of a crisis management company called Visor Consultants publicly admitted that his company was hired to run drills of simultaneous bombings occurring in London precisely at the time and locations in which they occurred.40 The hidden perpetrators of false flag events do this to provide a cover for the real bombings and to confuse police and response teams, thereby preventing any action being taken to thwart the attacks. This pattern repeats again and again.

What always seems to happen following these horrific events, is that legislation is passed that curtails basic freedoms and increases surveillance. Military budgets increase exponentially, and certainly, after the events of 7/7, massive funding for the war on terror was increased dramatically. Defense contractors profit enormously on human misery directly as a result of these staged events. Massive fear is also generated in the public mind and that is the idea. A population full of fear is far easier to corral and control then one that is not.

At 8:50 AM, three explosive devices simultaneously detonated on three separate London subways. British authorities claimed for over an hour, that the disruptions in the subway system were due to a power outage, despite the fact that eyewitnesses were reporting multiple attacks. Almost an hour into the attacks, the London Police ordered the number 30 bus to be diverted from its normal route. The bus was diverted to Tavistock Square, home to one of the Consortium’s major sociological, think tank organizations. Shortly after the bus was diverted, at around 9:47 AM, an explosion ripped the bus apart killing 13 people and wounding several others. British authorities admitted that the number 30 bus was the only one that morning that was diverted off of its normal route.

30 bus july 7 05
The number 30 bus which was the only bus rerouted on 7/7. The bus was diverted to Tavistock Square, home to one of the Consortium’s major sociological think tank centers.

It was reported that each of the bombers purchased round trip tickets. Why would suicide bombers bother to buy round trip tickets, knowing that they would not be coming back? British detectives claimed publicly that they felt that the bombers did not know that they had explosives in their backpacks and one eyewitness on the number 30 bus claimed that the alleged bomber began nervously fumbling through his backpack just prior to the explosion.

Haroon Aswat, the man believed by British police to be the mastermind behind the attacks, was a British intelligence agent of the MI6 organization and this has been confirmed by both US and French intelligence agents.41 MI6 is the British equivalent of the CIA, and all intelligence agencies are joined at the hip and controlled at the upper levels by the Consortium. Osama Bin Laden, the alleged mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks, was a CIA asset for years. The Al Qaeda terrorist network was funded and trained by the CIA to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan throughout much of the 1980s and this is confirmed; it is an historical fact. The Consortium places their own people into positions to either carry out attacks or to take the fall for them. Aswat was protected by top authorities and this has also been confirmed, even in the mainstream media.

Official reports claimed that the four bombers met at the Lutton train station to board the 7:40 train to London. Interestingly, the 7:40 train was canceled that day. The alleged bombers also purchased a seven-day pass to park in the station parking facility. Why the hell would they do that if they knew they would be suicide bombing later that day? When it was pointed out that the alleged bombers would not have made it to London in time to carry out the attacks due to the cancellation of the 7:40 train, the official story changed as is what always happens once the absurdities of the official version of events are pointed out.

What a stroke of bad luck that the number 30 bus surveillance camera just so happened to not be working that day, despite the fact that the cameras are checked and maintained regularly. A few eyewitnesses claimed that the metal on the floor of one of the trains was pushed upwards, which would indicate that the bomb was placed underneath the train. An eyewitness on one of the tube trains named Bruce Lait stated:

The policeman said ‘mind that hole, that’s where the bomb was.’ The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don’t remember anybody being where the bomb was or any bag.42

In order to secure bombs underneath the railway cars, the perpetrators would need access to the trains. It is claimed that all four of the bombers identification documents were found amidst the rubble and aftermath of the explosions. How convenient. The same is claimed to have happened after 9/11, as the official story claims that somehow, one of the hijackers passports miraculously survived an explosion of fuel and metal, only to be found at the scene, allowing the authorities to identify the hijacker! Trains, buses and planes are blown apart, steel frame skyscrapers melt, but a piece of paper magically survives unscathed? Are you fucking joking?

Regarding the London bombings, one of the alleged bombers ID cards was found at two separate locations, just as the axle of the Ryder truck McVeigh drove was mysteriously found in two different locations. The nonsense that the public is told to believe would be hysterical if it weren’t so readily believed by so many. Obviously, the ID cards were planted at the scene to prop up the official story.

Former Israeli Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, received a warning to stay in his hotel the morning of the attacks. Netanyahu planned to attend an economic conference near the site where one of the blasts occurred. The Associated Press reported on 7/7:

British police told the Israeli Embassy in London minutes before Thursday’s explosions that they had received warnings of possible terror attacks in the city, a senior Israeli official said. Benjamin Netanyahu had planned to attend an economic conference in a hotel over the subway stop where one of the blasts occurred, and the warning prompted him to stay in his hotel room instead, government officials said.… Just before the blasts, Scotland Yard called the security officer at the Israeli Embassy to say they had received warnings of possible attacks, the official said. He did not say whether British police made any link to the economic conference.”43

Similar warnings occurred before 9/11 when high level officials were warned not to fly on the morning of 9/11. So why weren’t civilians warned then? The answer is obvious; the attacks needed to be carried out to advance the agenda of the Consortium network.

Another interesting anomaly concerning both the London bombings and 9/11 is the fact that short selling of stocks occurred just days prior to both attacks. Ten days before the 7/7 attacks, short selling of the British pound occurred, and the value fell by 6% against the US dollar. Somebody reaped huge profits when the pound fell further after the attacks. Put options were placed on United and American Airlines stocks just days before the 9/11 attacks. A put option is basically a bet that stocks will take a dive. The put options of United and American Airlines stocks indicates prior knowledge, and an investigation into these mysterious transactions led to one of the executive directors of the CIA being involved.44 The levels of put options purchased were six times higher than normal.

Put options were also placed on stocks for the companies Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co., and Merrill Lynch & Co. Both companies occupied 22 floors of the World Trade Center. It was reported on September 19, 2001, in a story published by the Israeli Institute for Counter-terrorism that:

Between September 6 and 7, the Chicago Board Options Exchange saw purchases of 4,744 put options on United Airlines, but only 396 call options. Although there was no news at that time to justify so much ‘left-handed’ trading, United Airlines stock fell 42 percent, from $30.82 per share to $17.50, when the market reopened after the attacks. Assuming that 4,000 of the options were bought by people with advance knowledge of the imminent attacks, these ‘insiders’ would have profited by almost $5 million.

And further:

On September 10, 4,516 put options on American Airlines were bought on the Chicago exchange, compared to only 748 calls. Again, there was no news at that point to justify this imbalance; but American Airlines stock fell 39 percent, from $29.70 to $18.00 per share, when the market reopened. Again, assuming that 4,000 of these options trades represent ‘insiders,’ they would represent a gain of about $4 million.45

When researchers bring up these facts they are simply dismissed as “coincidence,” but the coincidences regarding these false flag events are often so numerous that they simply cannot be coincidental. Too many pieces of the official stories simply do not fit together, and when real investigators get too close to the truth and attempt to expose the inconsistencies, anomalies and outright lies, they are usually dismissed as conspiracy theorists, whackos, nut cases etc. regardless of whether or not their information is accurate or true. Then when glaring contradictions are pointed out in the official version of events, the story just changes to fit the version that the Consortium wants the public to believe.

On July 22, 2005, British police viciously gunned down an innocent man in a tube train, who was claimed to be a suicide bomber. Jean Charles de Menezes was an electrician by trade. He was a Brazilian working in England. Police shot him at least eight times in the head at point blank range. The story changed repeatedly and low and behold; the authorities claimed that none of the surveillance cameras at the station where de Menezes was killed were working that day. Just another coincidence, I’m sure. A company called Tube Lines, which provides maintenance services for the tube trains, stated:

We are not aware of any faults on CCTV cameras at that station on that day. Nothing of that nature has been reported to us.”46

Britain has the largest percentage of CCTV cameras per capita in the world. What a coincidence that on the day of Princess Diana’s death, all of the CCTV cameras on the route her car drove were also malfunctioning according to the official story. It’s estimated that Britain contains one percent of the global population and 75% of the world’s surveillance cameras yet, they always seem to malfunction when events such as the London bombings take place.

The police were caught in many lies concerning the murder of de Menezes. For example; it was claimed that de Menezes was wearing a bulky jacket with wires sticking out; when it was later confirmed that he was wearing a light denim jacket. It was also claimed that he vaulted the ticket barriers and ran suspiciously, but it was later confirmed that he was walking at a leisurely pace and did not jump the ticket barrier. Police did not retract their statements until the media picked up on the inconsistencies in the story.

A total of 11 shots were fired when de Menezes was murdered. Hollow point bullets were used and it was reported by police that de Menezes’s body was “unrecognizable.” He was killed execution style by a special military unit. Is it possible that he simply knew too much, or witnessed something he wasn’t supposed to?

Government officials and police were arrested and suspended simply for telling the truth concerning the shooting.47 Witnesses claimed that they saw police squat over Mr. de Menesez and shoot him in the head. As researchers into this type of information always point out, it’s very important to always ask ourselves when these events are carried out, cui bono, who benefits? Who stands to gain from the attacks?

The London bombings boosted Prime Minister, Tony Blair’s falling approval ratings and also bolstered support for the war on terror. As Alex Jones points out in his documentary Terrorstorm, the Blair government, in the aftermath of the bombings, used it as an opportunity to pass legislation that removed freedoms, and set the stage for marshal law takeover through the Civil Contingencies Act. Recently, an officer involved admitted to deleting records contained in key documents concerning the de Menezes shooting.48

History is replete with numerous examples of the Hegelian Dialectic in action. The problem-reaction-solution game is played out over and over to advance the New World Order agenda. As stated, after false flag events occur, legislation is pushed that removes basic freedoms, military budgets increase dramatically, a climate of fear is created, wars occur, surveillance increases, power is abused, and basically the noose tightens a little more each time an event is engineered.

It’s also been shown that the bombs used in the 7/7 attacks were military grade explosives, contradicting the official claim that they were homemade bombs. Often the official story of these and many other events are literally demolished by serious, independent researchers and investigators. However; because the media determines the views that most will adopt, when evidence is presented that challenges the official story, the people presenting it are referred to as “lunatics” or some other unfair label, regardless of how credible the evidence may be, and this is another point that cannot be stressed enough. Even highly credible people will have their testimony discounted without investigation or their careers destroyed simply because their conclusions were not in line with what the public is meant to believe, and this happens time and again.

Other examples of the Hegelian Dialectic:

  • The Gulf of Tonkin incident: This event launched the US into the war in Vietnam. The official story claimed that an American ship on a routine patrol in the Gulf of Tonkin, was fired upon by North Vietnamese PT boats and that a deliberate attack on two US ships followed two days later. President Johnson (Freemason) went on national television on August 4, 1964 to announce airstrikes against North Vietnam as a retaliation to the torpedo strikes against US ships. There was one problem however; the torpedo strikes had never occurred and this is now declassified. Of course the media simply did what they always do; they engaged in no real investigation, and simply parroted the official, government story. James Stockdale, a Navy pilot who flew overhead the night of the alleged torpedo boat attacks claimed: “I had the best seat in the house to watch that event, and our destroyers were just shooting at phantom targets-there were no PT boats there… There was nothing there but black water and American fire power.”49 In 1965, Johnson claimed: “for all I know, our navy was shooting at whales out there.”50 In this case, it wasn’t a false flag event, but a completely fabricated one. Millions of lives were lost in that conflict all because of a lie. In 2001, the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum released taped, telephone conversations Between President Johnson and the then Secratary of Defense, Robert McNamara discussing how the phony Tonkin incident could be used to expand the war.

  • Operation Gladio: On August 3, 1990, Italian Prime Minister of the time, Giulio Andreotti, publically admitted the existence of a secret army within the state code-named Operation Gladio. The word Gladio comes from the Latin Gladius which means “sword.” Gladio was an operation that was backed by western intelligence agencies like the CIA and by NATO (North American Treaty Organization) which many researchers suggest is a forerunner of the Consortium’s planned, global army. Hundreds of false flag bombings occurred under Gladio around the world, including in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Gladio lasted almost forty years, from 1947 to 1981. High level officials admitted that Gladio targeted innocent civilians in false flag bombings with the intent of advancing political agendas. Trains, busses and schools were among some of the targets of this sick Consortium operation.
  • The Madrid bombings: On March 11, 2004, exactly 911 days after the September 11 attacks of 2001, a series of bombs exploded aboard a commuter train in Madrid, Spain, leaving 191 people dead and wounding 1,755. In June of 2004, The London Times reported that the man accused of supplying dynamite that was used in the blasts, had connections to the Spanish security services. In fact, he had in his possession, the private phone number of the head of Spain’s Civil Guard bomb squad.51 Three men identified as culprits were known police informers.
  • Currently, Israel and the US are preparing for conflict with Iran and Syria. China and Russia both have vested economic interests in those countries and the attempt at expansion in the Middle East could very well be the trigger that ignites the Consortium’s well planned WW III. Chinese Major General Zhang Zhaozhong commented that, “China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third world war.”52
  • As I write this, the US is in the midst of a massive problem- reaction-solution scenario; the collapsing of the economy. Banks and lending institutions have been folding massively lately and hundreds of billions of dollars have been stolen to provide bailouts to some of the country’s largest lenders and investment houses. When the financial system goes poof, masses of people will be in a panic and far easier to manipulate into accepting a microchip as a means of currency, and I would suggest that the microchip is a large part of the agenda to collapse the economy, as is the creation of the North American Union and the single currency to accompany it. The US Army War College issued a report in 2008, urging the use of the military to contain civil unrest in the event of economic collapse. The report states that the US military must prepare for a “violent domestic dislocation provoked by an economic collapse.”53 In other words, martial law. In 2012, the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) purchased some 1.2 billion rounds of ammunition and several thousand armored vehicles. Most likely, they are preparing for civil war that will follow an economic collapse. The Pentagon announced its plans to deploy 20,000 US troops within the US to “help state and local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other domestic catastrophe.”54 Unemployment is at staggering highs and we’ve witnessed economic unrest all over the globe, not least in Greece as the Consortium prepares for the engineered collapse.
  • Pearl Harbor: The event that led to American involvement in WW II was the attack on Pearl Harbor, on December 7, 1941. In 1994, a document called the McCollum Memo55 was declassified that detailed an eight-step plan to entice the Japanese into attacking the US. President Roosevelt (Freemason) implemented all eight of the recomendations on behalf of his masters. It’s been established beyond doubt, that FDR’s administration had absolute foreknowledge of the impending attacks. Communications from the Japanese admiral, Yamamoto were intercepted and decoded, and showed clearly that the Japanese had every intention of attacking Pearl Harbor but FDR’s administration did nothing. The Consortium wanted to get the US involved in the war, but the majority of citizens were vehemently opposed, especially, since all of the horrors of WW I were still recent. Since there has been so much fantastic research done on this topic, I will only outline a few pertinent points here. What is important to understand, are the reasons why the Consortium wanted American involvement in WW II. Crucial to understand is that the Rothschild banking dynasty was behind the funding of all sides in every major war of the 20th century, including the Bolshevik revolution, and both world wars. World War II was the most horrific problem- reaction-solution event of the 20th century. Part of the agenda behind this living horror show, was to establish the United Nations. After WW I, the League of Nations was established as the precursor for a global government. The league failed, but after WW II, the establishment of the United Nations was successful. The very forces responsible for establishing the UN are the same forces that brought WW II, into existence. After two major wars and the horrors implanted in the collective mind, people wanted peace, and the inception of the UN was to promote peace, or at least that’s how it was presented. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, was also used in part to justify the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which was the Consortium’s testing of appalling, nuclear weaponry on civilian populations.


  • The Underwear Bomber: On Dec. 25Th 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarded Northwest Airlines flight 253 which was headed from Amsterdam to Detroit. He was allegedly caught on the flight trying to detonate explosives that he had in his shorts and he became known as the “underwear bomber.” As usual when events like this occur, the whole damned story is fishy. This man was allowed onto the flight without a passport. He was aided by an unnamed intelligence agent. With the absolute crackdown since the inside attacks of 9/11/01, the idea that a passenger would be allowed onto a flight to America without a passport is just absurd. He was aided. This blatantly staged event was used to justify the rolling out of naked body scanners in the airports in America and the presence of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). The TSA is a blatant example of what a police state looks like. The agency has molested children56, groped seniors and disabled people, and there are many examples of the agency robbing people’s belongings.57 The scanners have been alleged to cause Cancer.58 In 2012, a mainstream British newspaper called, the Guardian, reported that the undewear bomber was working as an undercover informer for the CIA and Saudi intelligence.59
  • Operation Fast and Furious: In 2011, the US govt. Agency of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was caught red handed selling firearms to Mexican drug cartels. It even broke in the mainstream press that the ATF did this to make the case for gun regulations in America. Some of the weapons sold were used to kill border patrol agents. Some 30,000 firearms were sold to the cartels that traffic their poison into America. Can that not be considered aiding and abetting the enemy? The Consortium has its hooks in America and it uses the agencies it controls to advance its agenda and will stop at nothing to obtain its goal of manifesting a totalitarian superstate. The fact that they’re cracking down on the right to keep and bear arms is very telling. American citizens represent the largest armed camp on the planet. Crucial to the Consortium’s agenda is to disarm the American population, and we’ve seen this push increase dramatically following the Sandy Hook event and the Movie Theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Expect to see events such as these increase, and the demand for the removal of firearms to increase in direct proportion to these events.

Examples of the Hegelian Dialectic, problem-reaction-solution technique could fill entire volumes. The most blatant example in modern times would be the attacks that took place on the morning of September 11th 2001. The official story of what transpired on that day is a fairy tale with about as much credibility as Jack and the Beanstalk. In fact, that story has a much higher probability of being real. The official story of 9/11 is a monumental pile of bullshit from start to finish The event was staged and used as an excuse to invade Iraq, pass more draconian laws, remove more freedom and set the stage for the police state takeover. 9/11 was the catalyst to massively advance the Consortium’s disgusting agenda.



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