RCI Syndrome
Rectal-Cranial-Inversion is a widespread pandemic.

We are witnessing a growing pandemic of Rectal-Cranial-Inversion spreading all across America and Western Europe. To put it in layman’s terms, people have their heads up their asses! It’s a circus carnival side show and the freaks are in abundance these days.

Adventures in the Earth Game: Observations from the Asylum

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  • You have your head so far up your ass you’ll be able to see what you had for dinner – priceless. Perfect summary of what is going on in October 2019, Doug! The humor definitely makes these strange times easier to bear.

  • If we are in the demoralization and the destabilization stages, it does not take much to figure out insurgency will be civil war in the western world, but what could be the normalization stage like : electronic prison or charia law ? or both ? I am unsure about that one, I guess the latter for Europe

    • Either way, it doesn’t look good. 5G is being rolled out here, and I think there is really a push to turn everything upside down. Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoyed this one. All the best Laurent!

  • Blaming Trump for their sloth and gluttony, these black women are sick. There are a whole lot of white women in the same boat as well. I don’t think that the trans community will ever get respect for their doings. This world IS upside down and I avoid the world as much as possible. When I venture to the grocery store when needed, the people I see there are incredibly different then 30 years ago. It is a shame that our country is on the decline of people looking human.

    • Thanks for listening and commenting Laurie! I just turned 51 this past September, and I have to say, this country does not even remotely resemble the one I grew up in. Everyone wants to be a victim and cast blame. I know what you mean about avoiding the world. Detachment from the herd if you will. I hope you are keeping well. Walk in peace my friend!

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