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  • Things are happening faster and faster. You’re right – we who question the forced narrative presented by our government are called crazy conspiracy theorists. But in this day and age we are regularly presented with examples of government in America on local, state and national levels destroying lives and willfully denying people of their rights. An innocent man was gunned down in Georgia on February 23 and the police made no arrests for almost three months after national outrage forced their hand. A former three star general was framed by the FBI. He lost his job and his home from attorney fees. The governor of New York spent weeks bitching at and blaming everyone but himself for the number of covid-19 deaths yet he sent mandated that nursing homes take back sick people where they spread the disease and killed thousands of people as a result. Meanwhile, the US Navy hospital ship in the Hudson River was almost empty. These are recent and real episodes that demonstrate that the government can and will destroy the lives of its citizens all in the name of maintaining power. Are we to believe these same people are acting in our best interests when no one is looking?

    • The false narrative has the cognition of the masses on total lock down. Everything is out in the open now and still, most cannot face how deeply they have been hoodwinked. Famous last words: “they’d never do that.”

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