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  • Thank you, Doug ! Great message as always… You and others have inspired me with your work and I am starting my own path, it is high time that I try, there are risks of many kinds, there is work and effort needed, also there is joy, what else are we here for ? Living without this, is this really living at all ? There is a good confidence in self potential, what everybody needs to realize to embark this journey. Thank you again for your dedication and the words you speak, that is precious ! Laurent

    • Thank you so much Laurent! I appreciate comments like this, and I’m so glad you can take something positive from my words. I agree that we must see the beauty and cultivate joy or it’s not truly living at all. All the best to you!

  • Great audio bro keep up the good work as the masks of false illusion crack it will be a road map for some searchers to unravel the ravel peace ;-0 paul

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