Meet Professor Neil Ferguson: The Man whose Faulty Computer Modelling Data put the World into Lockdown and Caused Economic Devastation.

by Doug Michael

Well, well, the cat is out of the bag now and yet amazingly, droves of people will still buy anything the mainstream media and their lap dog, talking head voice pieces sell them. It’s amazing to observe how out in the open things are and yet, people still refuse to see and understand that they are being manipulated, big time!

This is what happens when authority is externalized and critical thinking is surrendered. Corrupted criminals in three-piece suits can tell them anything and without question, they will accept it as true with absolutely no investigation of their own. After all, thinking and questioning makes one a “conspiracy theorist” right?

“Well, he is a doctor, so who am I to question?” Or in this case: “he is a professor after all, so we should listen to him.” He’s got a degree you know, so that automatically makes him smarter than you, so you should listen, and obey! Never mind that he’s also a liar and a con man, that’s too much for me to take in, then I would have to admit that I’ve been bamboozled, and no one likes to admit that! Just put on your useless facemasks and your pool noodle hats and surrender your freedom, big daddy state will sort it all out for you.  

A “pandemic” with a 99% survival rate has caused mass, collective panic, destruction of basic human rights and economic devastation but here’s the thing: it’s all based on demonstrably faulty data, put forth by Imperial College in London, by one Professor Neil Ferguson, a man who recently resigned from his position after violating his own lockdown edicts to bang his married girlfriend.[1] Now, I don’t care one bit about this man’s sex life, but the entire global economy has taken a massive hit, all due to this man’s faulty computer modelling data, which has been shown beyond the shadow of a doubt to be completely bogus. Never mind the overinflating of numbers and the manipulated statistics, we’ll leave that for another time.[2] Oh, and let’s not mention that hospitals are being incentivized with huge sums of cash to falsify data.[3]  

Professor Neil Ferguson-a man you can really trust-recently violated his own lockdown mandates to screw his married girlfriend.

Millions have lost their jobs, small businesses are tanking, and food supply disruptions are commonplace now and we will soon witness hyperinflation as a result, all based on garbage science. The US is experiencing the largest rise in food prices in 46 years.[4] Professor house arrest has a track record for being notoriously wrong by the way. In 2005, he predicted that roughly 200 million people could die as a result of the bird flu. In the end, the death toll was in the low hundreds.[5]

Even the holier than thou CDC has retracted some of its bogus claims and yet, the lockdowns, mandates to wear face coverings and social distancing remains in place, because this has nothing to do with protecting people from a virus and everything to do with destroying small businesses, transferring wealth into the hands of the oligarchic elite, ushering in a surveillance state, and oh yes, mandating vaccinations. In fact, the Supreme Court recently ruled that forced vaccinations do not violate constitutional rights.[6]

This is how ridiculous things have gotten. As if those stupid hats will protect people from a virus. This is all to dehumanize and treat people like children.

It can take anywhere from 10-15 years to develop and test a vaccine[7] in clinical trials; it’s a long process, and yet, the Donald is promising to fast track the vaccine with his “warp speed” program, even utilizing the US military to you know, keep Americans safe and healthy.[8] The people are the test subjects, just like all of the young girls who’ve had their lives destroyed with the toxic HPV vaccine that was rushed to market without proper testing. The vaccine mandates will generate billions in profits for the pharmaceutical industry as you are treated like a lab rat. Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell claimed that we may not see an economic recovery without a vaccine.[9] Are you beginning to see the agenda here yet?

I don’t know of an easy way to put this: you are being scammed! Bogus computer models from a corrupted dickhead and faulty PCR tests that produce false positives are paving the way for absolute tyranny. Governor Hitler, er, Cuomo of New York, and Comrade Newsom of the Soviet Republic of California have announced plans to hire “contact tracers,” which is typical, Orwellian, euphemistic language to make “army of snitches” sound more appealing.[10] Hmm, now where might we have seen something like this before? Don’t tell me, er, oh yeah, the Stasi in Nazi Germany! History repeats and those who remain historically ignorant will never notice it recur right before their eyes. Just keep on believing the presstitutes in the mainstream media, they’ve got you covered.  

Oxford University recently tested a Covid vaccine on monkeys and all of them developed the illness.[11] The “health” agencies and the media are already predicting a second wave of Covid, which is absolutely possible after droves of people are vaccinated; that’s when the real pandemic will occur, and vaccine manufacturers will reap obscene profits.

Farmers and ranchers are slaughtering healthy animals[12] and crops are rotting in the fields. We are rapidly approaching depression level numbers as economies plunge. A totalitarian police state is emerging with aerial surveillance drones, tracking apps, paid informants, military mobilization to force medicate you, hefty fines for violating house arrest, and a host of other examples I could list all day long. Funny, in my copy of the Declaration and the Constitution, I can’t find anywhere in them where it reads “none of this applies if people get sick.”

CDC representatives, the Marxist head of the WHO, politicians, media whores, doctors and others are openly and blatantly lying to your face, and yet, billions bow down in the face of tyranny because they’re scared of catching a cold. What should really frighten them, is the destruction of freedom at the hands of despots. “Take my freedom as long as I’m safe.” What? “Track me and force medicate me.” Eh? Where does this spineless attitude come from? It comes from the minds of a people that have been conquered!

By the way, the CDC is an organization that is owned by three pharmaceutical corporations, so no conflict of interest there. Imperial College and the WHO are largely funded by Gates, who wants to vaccinate the world through manufacturers that he has huge connections to, so no conflict of interest there. Fauci and Birx are con artists pushing the lockdown agenda all based on Ferguson’s bogus computer models that are completely unfit for scientific use.[13]

This country was built on small businesses and entrepreneurship and we are witnessing the destruction of the very fabric of our nation right before our eyes and yet, people still want to believe that handing over liberty for the false promise of safety is somehow a good idea. They delude themselves on levels that defy the imagination.        

All of this panic, destruction of livelihoods and removal of freedom is all based on garbage data and junk science from Ferguson and Imperial College. Face it, we’ve been had. If you think you’ll be just fine under a totalitarian dictatorship, you are asleep at the wheel. If you do not have principles that you are willing to die for, then you’re already dead. Life without freedom isn’t worth living anyway. The real lockdown is on the minds of the masses.

“You’ve been living in a dream world Neo.” – Morpheus, from The Matrix.

“There is no justification for taking away individuals’ freedom in the guise of public safety.” – Thomas Jefferson















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