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      • I was thinking of a possible topic that you and David might be interested in as a part of one of your discussions. I have heard statements like this many times in the past:

        “Obviously we learned in this century that if there is no competitive spirit, if there is no desire to succeed, if there is no Pressure on an individual to learn, to do something constructive, to succeed, to help build some little corner a brick or two in our civilization. Without that Pressure people don’t do anything.”

        How much validly does that statement have? Is that the true nature of humanity? When you look around is that what you see or do you see despair. Is it the same old story “you were born of sin and need to be saved”? As you say, the situation we find ourselves in did not come by circumstance. So how much responsibility does one who can See have?

        It is obvious that people hide in their “Cognitive Fortresses” even in the face of the facts so do we have any responsibilities if so why? Is it even possible for humanity to make the correct turn from the crossroads onto the age of reviling? Who is to blame the ones who fell under of the spell of the promise, riches and secret knowledge or the ones who fell under the spell of despair? Is it the ones whose desire is immortality not knowing that they already have it.? All very hard questions, should we ignore them?

        As always no worries.

        • Fascinating questions Cal – questions that all too often get overlooked when people are discussing economics and human productivity.

          I am very far from being an expert on economic matters, but it seems to me that the people who try to get our votes simplify or even completely eliminate the human part of the equation. Take for example the whole healthcare situation. How do we make it affordable for everyone? I know that this would be a noble goal but there are so many moving parts and competing elements involved that even the smartest most well intentioned of us might end up making things worse. If health care becomes cheaper, do doctors and nurses get paid less? Would our best and brightest be going into more lucrative fields? If we ignore human motivation as a factor in the economy we are inviting disaster. Look at the nations where the economy is planned, run and enforced by the government. These nations like the USSR the former East Germany and North Korea. The leaders of these nations all benefited and lived lives of luxury and power while the average citizen lived in poverty and many risked their lives to escape. These places always claimed to be “workers’ paradises” but in fact they were hell-holes where the average worker had absolutely no say in how much they wanted to be paid for a given job. I thought the 20th century had taught us all the lessons we needed to learn about how terrible Marxism was. 100 million dead between the USSR, China, and all the other communist nations.

          Now here we are in 2019 and we have elected officials in the United States who openly call themselves “democratic socialists.” They present themselves as courageously idealistic geniuses who can run our lives better than we can. They come across as foolishly naive about the evils of socialism as if the government is infallible and incapable of corruption and will solve our smallest problems with no unintended consequences. Bernie Sanders went for his honeymoon in the USSR! Maybe Comrade Sanders believes Disney World would be a good place for aviation research because of the flying elephants. And AOC’s simple-minded solution to everything is to have the government get more of our money to solve every problem. She reminds me of Olive Oil’s presidential campaign ad: https://youtu.be/7CUj_f9CoQk

          • Olive Oil’s presidential campaign ad is a great analogy, thanks for that. And thank you Doug for giving me an opportunity to voice an opinion so few will even listen.

            David you are exactly on par with today’s reality. The push for Marxism is mind boggling. What we need is an entirely new way of thinking. It is probably best that you are not an economic expert. If I can use an analogy, an expert on shoveling cow manure quickly loses there sense of smell, they can no longer smell the crap.

            The lack of human productivity is an illusion. Our en slavers have told us over and over that we are sinning, lazy bums, then we are deprived of any knowledge to the contrary, instead they present us with there evil creations and blame it on human nature blinding us to the magnificent creation that lies within.

            Is a dog, when infected with rabies, responsible for its actions? Are we responsible when infected with an insidious mind virus?

            I have to add that the cost of health care will never go down in Fact the cost of health care has doubled in the past ten years and it’s not because of circumstance. The attempt to create affordable health care is an illusion, an attempt at plausible deniability. It is a cold calculated slow moving attempt at depopulation and at the same time we are financing it. Health Insurance was at one time included with the job. Now you have to be part of the consortium (upper class) to have it included. If you are not you pay thru the ass. It’s like paying more for the same size box with less inside.

            My wife and I were without health insurance for 4 months in 2018 and now that I have some the cost is over $1800.00 a month whether we see a doctor or not. If we see a doctor there is a additional co pay and deductible. All this thru the so called government sponsored health care market place. That is not the total cost. We get an invisible low class tax credit of all most $3000.00 per month. A total of $4,800.00+ per month sick or not. On top of that I paid $1,300.00 in IRS penalties with my tax return for not having insurance for those 4 months. They call it “shared responsibility”. All the while the responsibility of our government is non existent.

            You have to be at the poverty level to benefit from affordable health care. The ditch digging and white collar middle class are being ripped off at an astonishing rate. The poor are receiving the lowest quality health care possible. They are being diagnosed and operated on by unqualified students only giving you something to relieve the pain when you scream load enough, all so they can screw up on us and not on the rich. “IT” makes up any and every excuse in order to continue the tyranny.

            There has been a spell cast by delusive theories that has worked harm into the understanding of ourselves. I paraphrased that from a quote by Nikola Tesla.

            The government is a criminal organization and one has to be a criminal to succeed in it. Voting for anything only gives credence to those criminals and their crimes. Getting a crumb here and there from a rigged system will never solve our problems. The only way to win is not to play. Imagine Not one single person showing up to vote, but sadly……

            I hope I haven’t gone to far off the deep end or have been to arrogant.

          • Thank you again Cal! Wow, those insurance costs are staggering! A few weeks back, I threw my back out pretty badly. I went to the ER and they gave me 2 shots, one muscle relaxer, and one anti-inflammatory, and one pill. The bill was $1,800! I only have to pay a small portion of that but still, the cost is ridiculous.

            When I was hospitalized in 2016, with diverticulitis, I stayed for 6 days. I received IV of antibiotics, and pain medication. The care was OK, but the $19,000 cost seems just over the top. I think the entire system is getting ready to implode.

            Thanks again for your comments! All the best!

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