The Mark of a True Warrior


How dare anyone suggest that compassion is dead, that kindness is weakness. Perhaps it is so in the world of the circus of the dark and the bizarre, the carnival sideshow of the criminally insane but what about your world? You know, the one that you create with each thought, each passing moment, each breath, each emotion and each action. Is compassion and kindness naught but a fleeting memory in your world?

Are these bedrocks of what it truly means to be human completely lost and torn asunder within the aspect of existence that you inhabit and create? Those that believe such tripe and live their manufactured lives accordingly are the truly weak; they are bereft of their own spark, their own selfhood and their own magnificence. It has been crushed and torn asunder, taken from them without mercy and they have allowed it! They have actually encouraged it through their indifference, the acquiescence of their very consciousness. The temple is in disrepair; in fact, it is in flames, about to be reduced to nothing more than broken dreams and shattered remnants of what could have been and yet the blind march faithfully, following the blind, headlong into the abyss of their very extinction.

They have willingly embraced the lie and kissed the devil on the tongue while it weaved its insidious spell upon their consciousness, their very lifeforce. They are the soulless automatons, accepting every aspect of the deception and reveling in ignorance and mediocrity, forever estranged from themselves, existing only within the outskirts of their own lost souls; forever diminished by the darkness that extinguishes the light that they refuse to shine into the world.

The dead walk! The dead rise and they seek to lead you and everything that you hold sacred into the grave, to swallow your children whole and spit their bones into the bottomless pit of oblivion…And you give your allegiance to them. You give your vote of confidence to them. You die for their ideologies and their causes, believing them to be your own. You murder your brothers and sisters, you piss upon the ashes of your brethren with the indifference that has been cultivated within your poisoned garden and your twisted worldview. You’ve actually convinced yourself that your misplaced faith in external leadership will bring to you someone that will lead you away from your own inner darkness; that will give to you what you will not even give to yourself? Good luck with that motherfucker!

What happened to the heart of the warrior? What happened to the spirit of the rebel? It’s been willingly acquiesced to those who would enslave you and somehow, your twisted ego takes pride in your failure to realize your own sovereignty, your refusal to become a self-actualized human being and to take your place as a co-creator in this blood-splattered lunatic asylum. The joke is on YOU!

How sad is it, that so few will explore and examine their own consciousness? How tragic it is, that so many will refuse to rise within their own self awareness and claim the prize of their very soul. They’ll give it away instead, to avoid the responsibility of self-creation.

I don’t need to take on the burden of defining myself; let the world tell me who I am. Let the approval of others entertain my sense of worth rather than my own self-approval. After all, it’s just so damned important what others think of me and my status is the very definition of who I think I am in this fucked up psychological concentration camp.

Look at how the system has rewarded me. My trinkets and trophies, my certificates of achievement, my position within the lie and my social acceptance make up for the void within me; they fill the emptiness inside and act as a makeshift replacement for the spark within me which has long been extinguished. I look to relationships to do the same thing which is why I’m always so unfulfilled. I attract and reflect the emptiness that I’ve become…And I don’t care!


Superficiality has become the mainstay of my existence within this plastic simulacrum. I accept the illusion as the pillar to prop up my falseness rather than taking a stand and operating in the capacity of a free and sovereign human becoming. The inner terrain is one that I fear to tread because the nightmare of facing myself is too much to bear; it’s too much for my fragile ego-centered consciousness to endure and I would much rather remain a cognitive slave to the designs of tyranny and illusion; it’s just so much easier that way and I’m less likely to be hassled if I act and comport myself in the capacity of a servile victim within the domain of my own consciousness and thus in the world at large.

What is the way out of the mess? Where is the road to walk that will lead to transcendence of the nightmare? It lies within each of us; it is the road that lies before you and within you and remains ever present, simply veiled beneath layers of conditioning, indoctrination and programming. To reveal it, we must cut away the brush and the overgrowth of our own manufactured illusions and cognitive fortresses. We must take the focus off of the outer and turn it towards the inner if we are to ever be free and create that which we prefer to experience. We must bring forth the fruits of our spirit; compassion, kindness, caring, joy, love and unity, and walk in the light of our own self-creation as we shine the inner light of who we are into this darkened world. To do that, is the mark of a true warrior.


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  • alas vintage Doug Michael…. welcome back sir… i am deep into the Don Juan Matis teachings…. so much more complete and actually feeling like im able to strike back at the empire of inorganics now, and every day…. my death walks with me now at all times and i embrace it as i warrior on

  • ‘We must bring forth the fruits of our spirit; compassion, kindness, caring, joy, love and unity, and walk in the light of our own self-creation as we shine the inner light of who we are into this darkened world. To do that, is the mark of a true warrior.’ Indeed so, Doug. I think that many of us started out with this ideal and as we tried to inform ourselves, we became so immersed in the many dark conspiracies that we lost sight of the intrinsic power and stability of our own innate goodness, our caring hearts and our fundamental decency. We need to be informed.. ‘though what I am mainly witnessing is an overwhelming amount of available information (some conflicting) and not a lot of power to do anything about it. Chemtrails, nano particles, 5G masts, transhumanism, potential WW111…. etc. etc. We’ve got the information…. what next?

    I think that Lynn McTaggart is onto something with her ‘Power of Eight’ groups. Easy to google. If we are influencing reality through our minds and our energetic morphologies, and it increasingly appears that we are, then that is an arena to take very, very seriously in the most practical of terms. In spite of their foibles and failings, I have profound faith in humans. It will be a few rather than the majority of humans who, if it’s at all possible, will begin to avert the inhumane dystopia we’re fast heading towards… but it must be possible, even if at the moment it doesn’t seem so… and consciousness and ‘energetic formats’ probably play a major role.

    If we look at the use of inversion implemented everywhere by what Doug calls ‘the consortium’, then looking at the concrete nature of things as ‘primary’ and consciousness being nothing more than a product of a material brain, ie. ‘secondary’, might be the biggest and most dangerous inversion of all… in fact, I think it is.

    This is a very pragmatic response, not simply a comment or an idle opinion, and it relates to the serious implementation of ‘right action’. I recommend googling ‘The Power of Eight’. It’s a good start.

    • Thank you so much for yet again taking your time to comment and offer your insights Jane! It’s always appreciated! One thing I always point out to people is this: if human beings weren’t of enormous potential and capable of incredible things, especially having the ability to transcend the control paradigm and create something new, why would the controlling forces need to go to such great lengths to keep consciousness locked into a low vibrational rate? They wouldn’t! All of the things that keep us from operating at our optimum, i.e. GMO, toxins in the water, chemtrails, 5G and all the rest of it, would not be necessary if we weren’t beings of amazing potential, capable of manifesting that which we desire; they wouldn’t need to go to so much trouble. I think that the relatively few that are raising their vibration, so to speak, are proving to be very frustrating for the Consortium. I think that even they are amazed at the human beings’ ability to adapt. All the best to you my friend! Walk in peace.

  • Hey Doug… excellent article brother, yes it’s been while! My path has been lonely but needed… I’ve wrestled with demons and rid a lot toxic people out of my life over the last year or so! Good to see the site looking ace and you have a book now which I’ll gladly buy to support your work bro!

    Drop us a line anytime 👍.

    • Brother, it’s so good to hear from you! I was wondering how you have been. Wrestling with demons eh? I know the feeling my friend. We should talk again soon Lenny. All the best my brother. Walk in peace. Please contact me at Stay strong my friend.

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