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  • Excellent Doug! A galvanizing call to action! I know we’ve talked about the couple in Missouri that defended their home after a mob (horde)((socialist))(((communist))) broke through their gate. The peaceful protestes (as they’ve been dubbed by the media), destroyed the gate to get in. They went on to threaten all the residents of the home including the pet. The media keeps using the word “brandishing” so I looked it up.

    “wave or flourish (something, especially a weapon) as a threat or in anger or excitement.” I would call what they did “clutching the weapons they hold with God-given rights” in fear and understandable rage. They did their duty as citizens in an age when the police departments are under siege by soy-addicted despots who are not doing their most basic responsibility – protecting the citizens! Now the local police have searched their home and their rifle was confiscated. Meanwhile, our cities are breaking homicide records everyday as the mayors announce plans to defund the police. I’ll see you all at Lexington and Concord!

    • WTF? Their legally owned firearm was confiscated? This is very telling of where we are. Let’s see, destruction of private property and threats of murder, that’s OK, but defending your life and property, as per your natural right is an offence? Where is the outrage? It’s become incumbent upon Americans to defend themselves and their neighbors. This is a Communist takeover. Once the sleeping giant awakens, and it won’t be much longer, I thin that the real patriots won’t stand for this. Thanks brother!

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