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  • Hi Doug,
    I cannot agree more, you are right all the way ! I am working on a way to explain the very practical path we all are on, and to give this to others. When you look at it, it is so logical it is almost unbelievable there is no school in the West for realization, it is just a succession of causes and effects, a subtle connection between events, it is not about good and bad, it is about applying a process which works individually and for others or a process which works for neither and most of us will never find the path in this life because we are simply not curious enough to ask why or to apply critical thinking. But those who try this way will feel eventually liberated, neutral, energized and also caring for humans. Strangely enough the everyday more sliding and collapsing world cause me no harm anymore, it has ceased to hurt because I can translate all events into a meaning, the darkness of being lost has become the lightness of being self. this is very comforting no matter what happens in the external world and this helps offering others support on their path. No judgement, just a caring presence for them to find themselves by themselves.
    Thanks again for your work, Doug !

    • Thank you Laurent! I always enjoy your comments. David and I were just discussing the very things you mentioned. I wish you all the best in your endeavors! I suppose the best we can do is offer our perspective and experiences. I appreciate the feedback!

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