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  • Thanks Doug, your insights are always valued.

    I feel as thou I am an alien walking among a race of machines.

    I agree with you, cutting down on the intake of external inputs, working on your inner self, being more creative, doing good in my community is the best place to start. For my self, just that alone won’t stop that boulder from rolling down the hill and crushing me. I need to know which way to jump i.e. knowing how to prepare for when the machines kick down my door, take away the little freedoms I do have and demand I kneel before them. My eyes will be wide and I will have no fear.
    In my opinion reality is fractal (as above so below) so the better I learn to decode and navigate this reality the better I will do in the next.

    “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow but the most important thing is to never to stop questioning.”

    The Simpsons Virus Forecast From Ten Years Ago

    • Thanks Cal! I value your insights as well. I agree with the idea of the fractal nature of reality. I think one of the biggest problems is all of this hyper over-identification with the physical and with the ego. We can plainly see the manifestations of this in the world today. Great to hear from you! The Simpsons always seemed to be somewhat prophetic. Thanks again! All the best to you!

    • Yes Cal – reality is fractal. As below so above. I think I only really started to see this in the last few years thanks to various psychedelics. I don’t always feel fearless in the face of all this craziness – but that’s why I come hear and talk to people like you and Doug. I get some psychic reinforcement and I am reminded that their are other like minded people in this fallen world. I can’t say it hasn’t been interesting.

  • True that! Both of you. Doug and I were just talking about no matter when you were born it seems like history will come knocking at the door. I just hope we have already seen the worst of it. Glad to know I’m not alone and that there are others who think like us. I like war as long as it’s a TV show or a movie but I wouldn’t want to live through one. I was lucky enough to have served in the army when we were at peace.

  • David I hope I’m wrong but I’m concerned that it’s just getting started. Have you seen the tidal wave of guns being sold lately. I know that gun sales has increased in the past but nothing like this.

    Doug you are absolutely right, hyper over-identification with the physical and the ego is one of the biggest problems. Acknowledge the spirit, put the ego in check, but to deny the physical is to deny the experience.

    I was not being hyperbolic about the door being kicked in, I was giving a warning. What is being called anarchy is in reality a set of well organized modern groups that controls an emotionally mindless herd. They use the herd as a shield for their attacks and Antifa as one of their many weapons. Make no mistake this is an assault on our sanity, a war against our way of life and our rights and property. Our perception of reality can not stop someone else’s illusion.

    The “Revolutionary Communist Group” publishes a paper called “Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!”, that sounds allot like what is going on now. The “Revolutionary Communist Party” gained its foot hold here in 1975. It is well known that their goal is to organize for a revolution in the United States, to overthrow capitalism and replace it with a socialist republic. The BLM is a Marxist movement led by trained Marxist confirmed by their leaders own words. And the media are there cheerleaders.

    The Fabian Society motto comes to mind “When we strike we strike hard”. We know they have been leading up to this for decades. We knew it was going to happen, we just don’t know when or how. If the revolutionaries are not stopped they will be at our doorsteps kicking it down, literally. Meditation will not change this reality. There will be nowhere to hide.

    “whatcha gonna do when they come for you” Will you bend at the knees or will you stand and fight?

    Eyes wide no fear

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