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  • We are in the times of the crazzy mother fu***** mad world i think we humans have a chance of living a universal dream but we are in a control grid nightmare all my years of looking into this stuff i can say all we ever ever ever own while in the body is the very moment we are(( in ))everything else is bullshit on top off bullshit great audio bro peace ps one more thing the name GRETA means child of light is that her NAME????? LOL!!!!

  • That was as much fun to listen to as I suppose it was for you to make. The green new deal has nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with the power to impose socialism on the world. Socialism has never and will never benefit the poor.

    • Thanks Cal! Yes, I had a ton of fun with that one. I like using sarcasm and a bit of humor in those diatribes. Thanks for listening as always brother!

  • Great diatribe. A million years from now when archeologists from the Andromeda Galaxy discover the climate propaganda from Greta and Al, I hope they also uncover this diatribe so they don’t think we were all stupid enough to hand over the keys to the planet to these lunatics. Al Gore is apparently far-sighted enough to see the climatopocolypse decades in advance yet he had no idea his boss for eight years was a serial rapist and murderer. Talk about an inconvenient truth! Those “How dare yous” are going to haunt my nightmares forever.

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