Homogenization, Collectivism and the Crackdown on Individual Expression

It seems that everywhere we look within today’s climate of political correctness and censorship, we can readily observe the victim mentality on open display. *WARNING! May be considered offensive to those who are morally outraged by Christmas songs or muscle cars.
Damn racist cars!
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  • Great message brother as always:-) the way the people are its like saying there is a slow moving poison cloud moving over you and all you love but only a few can see it coming in london financial area over the last two weeks four men have jumped of roof tops with briefcase in hand looks like a crash is hear and like your message get your center and hold the truth you will see complete country’s have a mass mental breakdown as they look in the mirror and ask who am I ???? where is this ???what is this ???? where am i ???as the Jungian shadow of man gets to work on the big ego’s of the capitalist system ROME is dead long live Rome then it all starts again Peace out paul

  • Being offended as a lifestyle that is an option as well. Can you imagine to be in that mindset where you feel offended all the time even by minor things? That’s what I call hell.

    • No Judith, I couldn’t imagine existing within that prison. I’d rather chew broken glass while hanging myself. Great talk today! I look forward to them. Take great care my friend.

  • It is mind boggling that almost no one knows that the Civil War was really about. It was about who was going to run this new land not about slavery. Slavery was only a tool use to gain support for the north. People need to do there research. The Fabian run school system is still using that illusion to divide and conquer and we just saw the proof, ignorant people everywhere. The true enemy is the Consortium not each other. Knowledge for everyone is Freedom.

    • Thanks so much Cal! Lincoln was certainly not the hero he is to this day presented as. His own writings clearly show what his stance was on slavery. He was trying to create big government and denied the states sovereignty and right to secede. Even the Emancipation Proclamation at the time was viewed as a political gimmick. Slavery could have been ended peacefully without the needless deaths of 600,000 people.

      In 1871, during the reconstruction period, the southern states had no representation and the US incorporated. The United States is a corporation! I believe that was a huge part of the plan all along. I’m reading a very good book on the subject called “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas Dilorenzo. Very interesting subject!


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