Flipping the Script

In this talk we discuss the crumbling CV narrative and also discuss what’s happening in America right now. 

Fauci Says Millions of Vaccines Ready by 2021

US to Stockpile Millions of COVID-19 Vaccines Ahead of FDA Approval, Fauci Says

Military Nurse at COVID Epicenter Hospital: “it’s murder”

Covid 19: A Movie on the Screen of Life

UK Coronavirus Lockdown was Useless, Claims New Study from Bristol University

Coronavirus Hype Biggest Political Hoax in History

The Shallow Deep-State Goes Deeper as It Moves Toward Martial Law

Pandemic Drives Broadest Economic Collapse in 150 years: World Bank

Country Formerly Known as Spain Decides to Institute a Permanent COVID Dystopia, Flog Itself to Death

UN says us may be violating international law

The Socialist Revolution’s Internal War on Americans

Meghan & Harry shift focus to BLM. Now, does anyone still believe the elite-backed movement challenges the establishment?

Looting and Destruction Will Not Force a Revolution, It Will Bring About a Massive Police State

Adventures in the Earth Game

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  • I really enjoyed doing this one. What a time to be alive. Riots, police brutality and self serving leaders who contradict themselves faster than their sign language interpreters can keep up with. According to the pentagon UFO’s are real and according to Elon Musk artificial intelligence is coming. We will all be embarrassed by the state of things when the robots and aliens get here.

    • I enjoyed this one too David. Things are so accelerated as the current paradigm implodes all around us. Interesting times indeed.

  • Thanks fellow travelers pleasure as always to listen keep up the great work look forward to next one peace :-))

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