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  • I really enjoyed doing this one. It would be great to hear anyone’s thoughts on this topic. We’d also love to hear ideas for future shows. Are we immortal? Does free will exist? Are we in a simulation? Are aliens on Earth? Did Gary Coleman kill JFK? We will consider almost anything. The universe is weird and often paradoxical. Let’s call the universe on its shit. Who knows? Maybe we will have the universe itself on a podcast with us as a guest.

  • Thanks guys, you two are getting into a rhythm, cool.
    Here’s my 2 cents worth.
    The victim mentality is no surprise it goes hand in hand with control. In order for the world power to promote its agenda it needs anonymity and victims. The nameless ones and their minions have a lack of empathy they are deceitful, cunning, manipulative and ruthless, which are all psychopathic qualities. Those with eyes to see know that our capitalist society or for that matter all contrived societies, at their very core, reward psychopathic behavior. The psychopath and the victim have been encoded into our DNA. And underlying that, something else is encoded, a longing for the “forever time” the time before the “purple dawn of creation” before the unveiling of the heavens. The time of innocence.

    You two have talked about this a little. Words are being used to enslave us. That would be a great topic to delve deeper into, from the Sumerian tablets to the tower of babble and up to today’s political correctness. How the gatekeepers use them to lock the gates of knowledge. How they can be twisted and weaved to be used by the wolves as sheep’s clothing. How the psychopaths use them as weapons to create victims. Does the fact that we think with words allow our imagination to be manipulated by them? Can words hide things in plain sight? …… There is a country rock song by Erick Church “To Kill a Word” he is singing about killing the meaning of the words so the words don’t exist but what actual words would you guys kill to stop the ignorance?

    This quote is worth repeating.
    “They substitute words for reality and then talk about the words” ~ Edwin Armstrong

    • Thank you Cal! You make some great points and as of late, it is really amplifying to insane levels. I truly feel that shedding the victim consciousness is the first leap humanity needs to take. Just over the last few years, we’ve seen a massive encouragement of victimhood and it’s just so ugly and disempowering. This manipulation of the language is in full swing and it certainly is designed to stifle the consciousness. That’s a great idea for a topic, thanks! Hope you’re keeping well, all the best!

  • Excellent points from both of you. We are at a point now where words, terms and common idioms are being artificially reinterpreted as racist or misogynist. And the feedback loop of social media is only increasing the pace of this. The powers that be can’t get enough of this because it makes us more and more suspicious of each other rather than suspicious of authority. Is it any coincidence that as the culture of victim-hood expands, the national debt, the size of government, the loss of privacy and the level of anger over political differences also increases? I think that at its best, speech serves and compliments thinking. Those in power try to keep us off balance by continually redefining words as microaggressions or (fill in the blank) -phobic. Paradoxically as they try to warn us about things like rape and racism, they are cheapening those words to the point that we lose appreciation for how terrible these things are in their truest form. They would have us believe that misogyny is more common in the workplace through mansplaining than in south west Asia where women are treated as property and allowed no individuality.

  • hi Doug, glad to h ave found you again. loved listening to your videos in the past. question. i don’t spend a lot of time on the computer, however i drive a bus long distance for work and download stuff to listen to. i used to down load your video’s using an youtube to mp3 converter. is there a way i can do this. would love to download your vids and listen to them. thank you

    • Hi Bruce! Thank you. Yes, you can download most of the new stuff. If you go to the right of the audio player, you will see 3 dots. Just click those and the option to download should appear. Thank you for listening. David and I appreciate it! All the best!

    • Thanks for listening Bruce. We both appreciate it. I hope our conversations help the bus ride more enjoyable! And we always look forward to feedback from the listeners. It’s my favorite part of this whole thing. We may not have the biggest audience but we might have the smartest and most open-minded.

  • this is kind of inverted. its supports the materialistic slavery idea. We are all owed a life back. You shouldnt need to earn a joyful life. We are all entitled to have better then the system lets us have.. and 100 and more years ago.. families did live together for decades.
    Govt does in fact owe us a life/money/a living. If you tell me i’m supposed to need a job ,to make money to live. You damn well better have an open job for all people,ready.
    Competing for a job/living.. is competitive slavery. I shouldnt have to work for joy.

    • David and I were examining the entitlement/victim mindset, particularly among the younger generation. To me, joy is a state of mind/being.

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