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  • Powerful and compelling, Doug! Corruption and darkness are all over the world and not limited by any border. This diatribe is as sharp as any you’ve done so far. The well-chosen words are perfectly complimented by the music creating a sense of implacable dread. Is there any hope for us? Even as dire and evil events unfold with across the planet, I have to remind myself that there are still people who see things for what they are and are not afraid to speak out! Let’s hope we can all walk in peace some day.

    As you know, I had a stressful day today with the car accident (no one was hurt, thank goodness). This diatribe helped me put things back in perspective and remember that there is a bigger picture. I’ll see you in the bunker is a few hours!

    • Thanks for joining me on this journey brother! Hope? I’m learning to have no emotional attachment to the outcome, as Carlin would’ve said. The problem, is that there are not enough speaking out. That takes balls and so many are far too fixated on external approval, or they are too focused on all of the minutia. If you speak your truth to power long enough, you tend to piss off a lot of people and “friends” seem to come and go.

      Thanks for the compliment! The wind was blowing ferociously outside the bunker when I recorded this and it gave it a very eerie feel 🙂

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