Divided We Fall
*Contains explicit language*

You know, once upon a time, we could disagree, we could hold completely different political views and still be cordial to one another, those days are long gone. It astounds me how comprehensively people have given away their critical thinking abilities to this charade of identity politics and political theater. That’s all it is folks, theater, bad theater; it’s like a poorly produced B movie with a ridiculous plot that makes no sense.

The Carnival Outre’: Jamboree of Deception

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  • You’re right, Doug. People are getting so bent out of shape over candidates that have no real differences. They’re all driving up the debt to astounding levels. I remember when you could be friends with people for years or see a celebrity on tv without knowing their politics. Now you have to become enraged over the differences between clowns coming out of a clown car.

    • Absolutely David! What really gets me, is that it’s so obvious and still, so many refuse to see it. Holy shit! We live in an age of illusion and delusion. It just keeps getting more and more insane by the day. What an interesting time that we live in eh?

      Walk in peace my brother!

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