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  • As someone who has been on this journey for almost 3 years, I pray(not the “outside GOD”, but my inner essence) that one day I will pull myself out of this narcissistic-insane simulacrum. But my god, this process is so dam difficult and tedious. I’m doing all I can to go within and shut down that “chatter hapyim-ego mind” I continue to listen and read your work Mr. Michael. They really help me guide my way out of this circus.

    Here’s my input: As I’m going deeper within and putting the hard work, I notice that my heartbeat is “fading away”. I know that’s hard to believe but I tried asking people and keep getting the same answer, there’s no such thing as someone walking around without a functioning heart.

    • Thank you so much Damian! Please, call me Doug 🙂

      You are correct; it is a very difficult process which is why I suggest to people to take the time to laugh once in a while. When one reaches a detached point of observation, they can really have a good laugh at the absurdity of it all. I know that this is a lonely road to walk but I assure you, you are NEVER alone! I am very grateful that you are finding the information I present useful and I appreciate you taking your time to consider it.

      I also suggest that people find some sort of creative outlet, be it art, music, cooking, writing, making things or whatever it may be. For me, having creative outlets has been so rewarding. I feel most alive when I am in a creative mode. As for the heartbeat fading, I have to be honest, I don’t know what to make of that.

      I wish you all the best on your journey, and again, thank you for your time and comment! Walk in peace!

    • Thank you Paul! Excellent chat today by the way. I ordered that book you recommended, “Man’s search for meaning.” I can’t wait to read it. The alarm clock isn’t about to go off, it’s been ringing for a while! The fact that so few can hear it has no bearing on the fact that the hour is at hand. Know what I mean? Walk in peace brother! I look forward to our chats dude…Walk in the fire!
      All the best,

  • Doug, I think you will like that one. About TV and TV advertising, 15 years ago, the CEO of one main french TV channel admitted that TV was just feeding a “human brain available time”. It was controversial at the time but it said it all about the disdain of this “cheap” resource which humans are seen as. He was almost right though, I would describe it as feeding the brain-dead human available time. Do you know that in the french language, entertainment translates as “divertissement”. Really wondering what they are trying to divert us from ?

    • Thank you Laurent. It seems as if everything in the carnival encourages externalization in one form or another and diverts us from our own self discovery. I think things are about to get much more intensified and weird. Thank you again for listening and commenting.

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