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  • Hi Doug, Brewster and Brown Sugar,
    Great show, I would say one of your best.
    You guys touched on more than one good topic. The importance of breaking down what you believe you are and then to recreate yourself. The manipulation of the medical industry, for the purpose of keeping us from healing ourselves. Doug your story of your ayahuasca experience is always interesting. The theme and throughout you all spoke about one of my favorite topics the ego. All great topics but what compelled me to comment was my experience with self healing. When I was young I heard a story about Jesus fasting for 40 days. I didn’t believe the religious part of the story it just stuck me as odd. How could someone not eat for that long and why would they want to. I was a kid that’s how I thought. Over time I read stories about fasting but most stories were religious so I didn’t put much stock in those stories. But somehow I new there was something to it and I wanted to experience it but I never had a good enough reason to do so.
    A few months ago I was looking at documentaries on Amazon and came across “The Art of Fasting” Directed by: Sylvie Gilman, Thierry de Lestrade, et al. The introduction on the page said
    “Young biologists from the University of Southern California have overturned conventional wisdom and used molecular biology to demonstrate the powerful effects of fasting. This research suggests a wide-ranging potential, which could include treatments for the disease of the century, cancer. If these scientists are right, maybe our approach to disease and treatment will need a rethink.”
    Well I just had to watch it. There were some very compelling facts and figures. But what really caught my attention was that you could cure Hypertension by fasting. I had high blood pressure for over 20 years. I was at the point I was fed up with the poison I was taking so most the time I didn’t take any. My blood pressure on a good day was 140/90.
    Now I had a reason to try and fast. The documentary clamed some people had success with as little as 14 days. My experience was eye opening. We consume allot of toxins. After the 14 days of my fast my blood pressure was a little lower normal but it has been almost 3 months now this morning my blood pressure was 117/78 with a hart rate of 68bpm just like a young man.
    Oh one more thing Doug, I thought I knew what you thought about the ego and the influence of the HAPIYM on us from before but what do you think about it now?

    Guys, a great job keep it up.
    Happy 20th

    • Hey Cal, thanks for your comment! I’m sorry it took so long to respond, I’ve just been really busy, finishing up the album with my band and also finishing up a new book. I agree with the benefits of fasting because I’ve done it. Certainly never anything too radical, but just a few days at a time, however, I found it to be beneficial. Our bodies are riddled with toxic garbage, and it just makes sense to me that if you give your digestive system a bit of a rest, your body will begin to eliminate those toxins. I always drank plenty of water when I did it which I think helps immensely.

      Self healing is the way to go my friend! That’s why I taught myself how to brew the Ayahuasca. I was diagnosed with a nasty, incurable illness in 2010 and all the docs wanted to do was fill me with experimental pharmaceutical drugs. I tried that route for about 6 months and had severe allergic reactions. Not good enough! Harmaline (an alkaloid) and N,N Dymethyltryptamine ( a neurotransmitter) when combined (Ayahuasca) stimulates areas of the brain that are affected by such illnesses as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. This is why I taught myself how to make it and ingested it. I was not looking for a “mystical” experience.

      I had three profound, healing experiences with the medicine. It was a very difficult ordeal but also very liberating. I purged on every level, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and physically. What came out of my body was disturbing. I’ll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say, better out than in! You know that stuff is serious business the moment you taste it. It’s vile! You can barely get it past your lips.

      I was shown from the experiences that consciousness is infected with a virus, so to speak. It seems like something foreign, something alien. I think that awareness of it is the first step to transcending it and that it is absolutely attainable. Can it be transmuted? Hmmm, something to consider. The ego serves a function but it runs amok because for so many people, it is their sole identity. The feeling I got from the Aya experience was that the higher self wants to embrace the ego, not kill it. The ego does not like to surrender to the totality of the wholeness that it is a part of so it fights, it kicks and screams like a neurotic child. The way that the Aya alters the perspective, enables one to observe this and it’s quite amusing. I’m not for a moment suggesting that the new age idea of “oneness” is accurate. However, we are most definitely, inwardly split. These days I see the ego as more of a process, rather than a thing. I am at peace these days, inwardly, and the Aya definitely opened the door to walk the road that lead me there. It’s so difficult to put the experience into words.

      Thank you again for your support, for watching the videocasts and for taking your time to comment. It’s always so much appreciated!

      Walk in peace Cal!

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