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  • When my son was a seven year old, he wanted to make a couple of YouTube videos about his power rangers. He was just a very innocent kid who’d watched other people’s videos and thought it’d be cool to do his own. Here are some of the comments:

    ‘Fuck you cause you can make even a megastore’

    ‘This kid is so fucking stupid’

    ‘Wtf is he doing he doesn’t know anything’

    ‘fucka you little girl’

    ‘U don’t know what the fuck u are doing’

    So it’s apparent a percentage of people who comment on YouTube are just plain rude and nasty…. and will even target the innocent little power ranger video of a seven year old child.

    • Not surprising at all. What must be going on with the mentality of such people? It seems that the most ignorant are the loudest and proudest. Youtube seems to be a magnet for dullards to rip on people and a pulpit for the brain dead to spew their idiocy. Damn intergnats!

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