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  • So how about we get up and dance to the introduction music.. not a ritual.. just a bit of fun. Two preemptive fingers in the air sort of thing. Okay… now I’ll listen to the dialogue.. thanks guys.

  • My perception is that we have multiple paths of least resistance within us which lead in various directions Some are forged by us, some by others… our ancestors, family, culture, biological blueprints etc., and these generally amount to the outplaying of our lives. There are, however, least resistant paths of a ‘deeper’ order that are derived from our ‘deeper’ natures. These are paths which, now more than ever, we must try to discern and open ourselves up to, because these are the avenues into our greater totality and into the relevant aspects of that totality. We live in a perceived universe but we are ourselves universes, and these times demand that we draw on and bring forth the relevant aspects and specificities of these ‘inner’, individual universes. Words are limited here so bear with me.

    In acknowledging the ‘inner’ or ‘deeper’ paths of least resistance, a response returns to us. It has to. Skepticism has an important place, but once we venture into our deeper and wider legacy our best ally is an attitude of trust.. not always easy, but necessary. The trust will act as an activating key so that we can gain momentum. Without the trust, we will go round in the circles of self doubt. Looking for correlations and corroborations (synchronicities) at ever turn will hinder us… they will appear according to their own narrative as well as ours, their own outplaying of frequencies. As Cheryl said, we are like pieces of a jigsaw, each holding a necessary fragment of the whole. Discovering and utilizing the attributes of our individual natures, the ‘earthly’ and the ‘non-earthly’, appears to be both appropriate and necessary. There is a caveat ‘though. Integrity comes before everything else. It is bedrock. Developing integrity is crucial and without it you shouldn’t trust yourself. You shouldn’t ‘go forth’, for the right forces will not be with you. The territory will not be dependable. Everything is built on integrity.

    As Greg said, we need to realise our sovereignty, to respond to and connect with our rich, multidimensional natures that have, through the power of culture, religion, material reductionism and epistemology, been denied and exluded. The truth by which we should live is, genuinely, within us. It may be simple or complex, down to earth or cosmic, practical or esoteric in expression…. whatever it is, it needs to be authentic and it needs to be listened to. Contrary to our entire conditioning, endogenous (arising from within us) comes before exogenous (coming from outside of us). It’s a balancing act… but it needs to be in that order.

    This is my penny’s worth to take or leave. Bless you, Greg, Cheryl and Doug for making another great video… I really enjoy your company as well as your many insights.

  • Incidentally, the New Age movement and Christianity have had ‘spiritual’ love as a central theme but it must be noted that you can no more force yourself to authentically love people than you can force yourself to authentically laugh at something which you don’t find funny. Striving to feel love is simply a farce… or a decoy. Love emerges in its own way and its own timing. Maybe you’ve already expressed one of the greatest acts of love by incarnating into this crazy world…. and if so, why have you?

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