CV Panic pt. 9: Tyranny is the New Normal

In this episode, we continue our discussion of the ongoing scamdemic and examine the tyranny that is unfolding in our world. 

The Free Your Consciousness Diatribes

Fauci And Birx: Lock Them Up!

US Supreme Court Has Ruled that Forced Vaccines Are Constitutional

New York City partners with Salesforce on Coronavirus contact tracing program, mayor says:

Contact tracing group funded by Soros

‘This virus may never go away’: WHO warns COVID-19 could be endemic

Teenage activist Greta Thunberg joins CNN panel of pandemic experts

This is the most blatant example of inflated COVID-19 death stats yet

The Worst Is Yet to Come: Contact Tracing, Immunity Cards and Mass Testing:

Government Could Enforce Who You’re Allowed to Socialize With Via Tracking App

April 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper Urges Testing and Tracing Entire US Population

You May Not Understand This Now, But You Need To Get Prepared For The Food Shortages That Are Coming

Record High Grocery Prices As Farmers Smash Eggs & Dump Milk

Senate Votes to Allow FBI and CIA To Spy on Web Browsing History Without Warrants

Epidemiologist slams coronavirus lockdowns: ‘We could open up again and forget the whole thing’

US sees biggest food price rises in 46 years

Powell says a full economic recovery may not happen without a vaccine

Watch: Bill Gates and Ellen Discuss Vaccinating ‘7 Billion Healthy People’ in Order to ‘Return to Normal’

10 Numbers That Show The U.S. Has Fallen Into A Horrifying Economic Depression

Maryland Seafood Pub-Goers Flock in Giant Inner Tubes Safe Boozin’ Coming Soon!

Social Distancing Is State-Mandated Humiliation. Change My Mind 

Doubts raised over Oxford Coronavirus vaccine after ALL of the monkeys that took part in the trial are found to have contracted the disease

Calif Gov. Newsom will FIRE COPS, FIREMAN, Healthcare workers while giving 125 MILLION to Illegal Aliens


Trump’s secret new watchlist lets his administration track Americans without needing a warrant

This shit reminds me of that movie Bubble Boy.
A warning the fell upon deaf ears.
Eat garbage and look ridiculous while doing it. I’d rather starve.
Magic anti virus hats.
Look at the babies in their walkers. They need their binkies and their ba-bas.

Battlefield America: The War on the American People

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  • Great job, Doug. The “experts and continually proving themselves wrong as the tyrannical leaders of some states are drunk with power as they micro-manage the actions of their citizens, I might have a little more faith if they stuck to their own edicts consistently, but apparently we live in t two tier system. The tyranny is more egregiously out in plain daylight than ever before. Do as I say and not as I do. A large group of doctors signed a petition describing the terrible health consequences of keeping people trapped at home. Very Little sunlight and people staying in close proximity where the whatever it is can transmit more rapidly. Don Lemon of CNN accused someone of hiding behind the Fist Amendment. Let that sink in. A “professional” journalist hiding behind the First Amendment. I guess he’d prefers the gov’s confusing and often predictable model that changes by the week. Since when are cable News Network anchors “essential” ?

  • Thanks Doug and David wow!!!! intresting times ahead puppet muppet world on crack!! time to end them that control manipulate others !!!! peace all Bstrong# Bpowerful# Bfocused #Bcentered

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