CV Panic pt. 7: Food Supply Disruptions and the Destruction of Freedom
Dr. Anthony Faucci, a man you can trust. This toad predicted in 2017 that the Trump administration would have to deal with a new pandemic. This man’s lips are no stranger to the taste of Satan’s dick.
“See you at the ritual later Bill!” “Just keep doing what you’re told Doctor…Hail Satan.”
Billy boy knew about the “virus” five years ago. What a coincidence that his affiliate companies own the CV vaccine patents.
How ridiculous does it have to get?

At least 10 Meatpacking Plants Close

Five Threats to US Food Supply Chains

The British Corona Middleman

American Farms Cull Millions of Chickens

USDA Let Millions of Pounds of Food Rot

Destructive Arrogance of the Ruling Class

Agenda 2030

CCTV Cameras Measure Heartbeat and Social Distancing

US Could be Weeks from Meat Shortages

Is the Whole thing a Hoax?

Piglets Aborted Chickens Gassed

Pelosi Pitches UBI

Gates says one to two Years for Life to go Back to Normal

Is America Turning into a Communist Country?

Manchester Police asks Residents to turn in “Conspiracy Theorists.”

Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed.”

Dr. Rashid Interview on London Real

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  • Had a great time Doug. I would love to hear what experiences people have had wherever they are. I don’t know if we have the smartest hosts but I do believe we have the smartest audience. I’d love to hear people’s experiences wherever they are. We can’t trust the politicians or newcasters – we have to trust each other.

    • Haha! Gates can’t even keep a virus out of Windows. Let’s all take medical advice from someone who is not a scientist and has no medical training. Sounds legitimate. Of course it’s just a coincidence that his companies own the patents on the CV vaccines. The whole thing is a sick joke and the fact that people take it seriously is just astounding at this point. Thanks Laurent!

  • Thank you, Doug & David for the CV Series, very interesting. Regarding Gates, the timing alone of his appearance and articles on the media should be evidence enough for the public to see the sick joke. However, it does not seem to work, people around me buy it, effect of fear and lockdown, need for a savior, trust in one message only as a reassurance, unability to accept many different view points based on an open mind or simply based on a biology book. My sister is a MD, I have not had the chance to talk science with her yet, she was pretty relax at first but she applied all restrictive measures for patients, family and kids. She seems to be enjoying life better since CV ! But I am not taking a vaccine from an entrepreneur, just like I do not get an architect to fix my car brakes. We should apply a social distancing with those entities and carry on our lives based on common sense, increased human heart, healthy natural food and a strong sense of collaboration. That should suffice to go through the global confusion. What an interesting adventure we are living right now ! I am personally surprised at how confident and relax I feel with all that, I know it is just a show… it is a little like having a map and a compass. Hope it is the same for you Guys ! Thanks again

    • Thank you Laurent! The whole thing is a move by the globalists and now it’s becoming clear that it is all based on junk science:

      Furgeson has been notoriously wrong in all of his prior modelling and now, he resigned for violating his own suggested lock down mandates and sleeping with his married mistress.

      It’s the same here, pod people everywhere. The controlled, mainstream media has people’s minds on lock! That’s a great point, why are we taking medical/vaccine advice from this troll who is not a scientist and has no medical training?

      The whole damned thing is a global takeover, economic warfare on the people. And it is so obvious just how easy people are to manipulate through fear, in this case, a scamdemic. The social distancing thing is nonsense, it is insidious. An attack on intimacy. What a joke it all is. Thanks for the comment Laurent!

    • Thanks Laurent! I hope your sister stays safe – I send love and courage to both of you.

      There seems to be a dearth of common sense and sense of proportion among the elites and the ruling class. Here we have a virus that is still a bit of a medical mystery yet our leaders can’t help but make things worse. We have one Cuomo who’s been agonizing at center stage giving us melodramatic soliloquies about how hard his job is. Remember when he was fretting over ventilators with his face twisting in rage and frustration as if he was trying to heroically shit the medical equipment for us. “You pick the 26,000 people who are going to die!” Then he orders infected citizens back to nursing homes where about 5,000 people have died in NY state.

      The other Cuomo has been competing with him for the Most Hypocritical Cuomo award. When he wasn’t out and about inspecting the location for his weekend home and arguing with citizens who are telling him he should be quarantined while he is sick he is calling other non-infected people fools for being outside. Then he emerges from his basement when he’s heroically beaten his own infection. He was like Lazarus coming out of his tomb.
      The podcast has been like a map and a compass for me as well. I love getting my thoughts out and engaging with Doug as we move into confusing and unprecedented times. To quote a band from the 90’s called The Sundays: “History at your door who could ask for more.” And I love hearing from our listeners wherever they might be. As Doug says: “Walk through the fire.”

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