Coronavirus Panic pt 3: a Shift in the Dynamic

Doug and David discuss new information regarding the crown virus and give their perspective on what is happening as a result. 

“The manipulating forces that operate behind the thrones of power in the world, seek at every turn, to distract, divide, dehumanize, subjugate, separate, coerce, control and manipulate and this is done through various means but ultimately, it is through the manipulation of human beings’ understanding and ideas about what reality is and how they are experiencing it. It’s a psychological mind game of immense proportions and the main tool used to keep human consciousness within the confines of the psychological prison cell, is through the constant exploitation and manipulation of the emotion of fear.A traumatized mind is a highly suggestible mind and it is through the engineering of events that cause collective trauma that the controllers maintain their grip upon the consciousness of human beings.” – Doug Michael, Adventures in the Earth Game

War on Bio-terror

Police Urge Brits to Spill the Beans on Neighbors

Alexa Offering to Diagnose Coronavirus

Big Tech teams up with White house to Battle Covid-19

How Governments Are Deploying Big Data To Enforce COVID-19 Quarantines

Social Distancing Scoreboard

Rhode Island Police to Hunt Down New Yorkers Seeking Refuge

Figures are based on flawed data/no specific tests for Covid-19

Scientists and health care professionals are breaking ranks/CV Scam

Status of Covid-19 UK

UK Lock down

David Icke: Fiddling Figures

Jon Rappoport: Corona: creating the illusion of a pandemic through diagnostic tests

Poisoned for Profit

Adventures in the Earth Game

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the cause of everything, certainly not a control freak totalitarian government!
Thank God for benevolent, big daddy state! I’m so glad they care so much.
This is interesting.
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  • It’s never ever going to stop for a long time it’s a grind a pressure valley we us kind Ballance our spirit and heads up be in the moment get in nature as much as possible and be indifferent like nature with a glowing heart great pod guys as always thank you PS at the moment I am starting one of my soul crushing spells target George Soros I will start with him not sure if I put him in ice- flame or- vacuum send him back to were he come forth and I will not stop until the earth is clear of control freaks aka beings of the vacuum abyss nothing inside beings 👍👍👍🌞 peace

    • I wouldn’t worry. Those demons will fall by their own hand. Evil contains within it the elements of its own destruction. As far as the golems, they have made their choice. This is their world, ours is something new. Peace brother!

  • Here’s a factual report for once

    Another good analysis gentlemen… keep them coming and keep it real as always guys!

    We have a perfect opportunity to build our paradigm now and should embrace it, I am and will continue to strengthen in this path as indirectly they are giving us the energy as opposed to them stealing it!

    Stay safe… love you guys and I really appreciate what you’re doing 😉

    PS, It is the year of the rat too… I’ll let you think about that and it’s symbology 😎

    • You rock brother! Thank you. There’s another new one coming in a few minutes. Our last conversation was stellar by the way. Talk soon bro. Walk in peace.

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