Coronavirus Panic: Don’t Succumb to Fear

Doug and David discuss the Coronavirus scare and various media reports on the subject.

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  • Stage 1, Get everyone to isolate themselves and restrict movement… Stage 2, Crash the economy… Stage 3, a period of civil unrest begins… Stage 4, implement emergency and martial law… Stage 5, once disturbance under control take over and assert full control of EVERYONE!

    Things have been gaining momentum over the past 2 years or so in an unbelievable way… the age of the unveiling (apocalypse) has been upon us for some time, now the tribulation begins… scripted prophesy gentlemen!

    The messiah unfortunately wont be riding down from the clouds to save us as they would like us to believe! Each one of us is a messiah if we used the term based on its original etymology, there is no literal figure and we can save ourselves gents! We’re already in the process of it by not buying into the main stream!

    We have Video games, TV shows and films abundant at the moment showing zombie apocalypses and civil unrest and the public cant get enough of them, the predictive programming is working… the gorish videos in circulation showing death and porn is rife, they are desensitising us gradually, this preparation has been decades in the making!

    We are on eve of the inception of the biggest control matrix ever implemented, the rehearsals have worked… the show is now ready to begin people! Bring it on! Seriously though guys… testing times are ahead, this isn’t tin foil hat talk as you know, the escalation of events lately tells its own story!

    Thanks for your time doing these discussions guys… appreciated!

    Much love from the UK!

    • Thank you so much Lenny! The pieces are certainly moving and it’s all right out in the open. It’s a shame that the majority still cannot see through it. I think it’s important to stay grounded and centered amidst the storm.

      Walk in peace brother!

    • Thanks Lenny. Yes, that seems to be the progression of events as the consortium would like it to go. I;d just like to add a couple more steps the consortium could take for this crisis. Cash could be outlawed as it could be seen as another way that the coronavirus could be spread. I think this is already happening in China. They could also make injections of vaccines mandatory along with injections of tracking chips so they can ostensibly track the movement of people – both infected and not infected. This would make their martial law easier to enforce. No gatherings of more than X number of people. They could also control the flow of information claiming that bad information could lead to panic and destabilization. The consortium could take control of the internet, TV, radio and newsprint and any unregulated information could get people imprisoned. Did you hear that a building holding some 300 quarantined people collapsed in China? This is definitely not the time to turn to the government for answers. Never let a crisis go to waste they say. The great depression led to sweeping new controls of the free markets. 9/11 led to broad controls over travels and loss of rights to privacy. Has the patriot act actually caught any terrorists?

        • Have you considered a forum on the new site Doug? Not sure how the hosting works and if it affects your overall costs etc but it would be good to open discussions 👌.

          You’ve broken things down brilliantly David… these sub events would definitely form part of the overall plan and these things have always been in the pipeline only now they have created the master plan to usher it all in 😉

          • It certainly is looking like that. People here all over are panic buying and the markets appear to be in free fall. Something is very fishy about all of this.

            I’d have to talk to my web designer about a forum. That’s a great idea. Stay well brother.

          • I don’t do Facebook much these days, but after a few pints last night, I was mucking around in the digital ghetto and I posted this:

            What a god damned shit show it all is! I’m truly stunned and amazed at the way people so comprehensively give away their minds to media propaganda and fear. Over and again, the same scripted shit is presented as if on a constant feedback loop and it seems that the reaction is always the same: disempowerment, emotional reactivity, panic and victimhood.

            You can expend your energy buying all manner of shit they want to sell you if that is your choice, but you don’t HAVE to buy it! You CHOOSE to. Being a free thinker in this world that is night and day trying to shut you down is a real challenge, but you cannot put a price on owning your own consciousness.

            And by the way, the real virus that exists is a disease that infects the mind, and no amount of toilet paper, bottled water or surgical masks will ever provide any relief from that, nor will they provide protection from Coronavirus, or Swine Flu, or Herpes, or H1N1 or whatever. So then, what are you afraid of? What? Death? Oh please 🙂

            Can we bioengineer a disease that kills stupid people? Or one that kills child raping priests? How about a virus that kills lying politicians and media whores? I know it sounds crazy but I am an idealist.

            Instead, what if we just stopped playing the game? What if we withdraw our attention and divert it into creating a new paradigm for human experience? What would that look like? Well, no one knows because we’ve never done it; we’ve been too busy being psychological and emotional slaves to the tyrants that have walked amongst us for millennia. Same old story.

            And one more thing: if comfort is all that you seek, amidst all of this nonsense, despite everything that moves all around you, then your world is about to be rocked and shaken to its core, so you should decide where you stand and make a conscious choice to create that which you would prefer to experience. Or not. Either way, the play will unfold and come to its conclusion, and we are in the final moments. You can vote all you want, you can complain all you want, you can be a willing victim all you want, but until you advance your consciousness as a willing act, nothing in the outer world that you experience will ever change. And if care and kindness has been bred out of you, as it has with so many, then you are about to fall…and you deserve to.

            Walk in peace.
            Doug M

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