Corona Virus Panic pt. 4: Where is this Leading?

Doug and David discuss new information regarding what is occurring as a result of the Crown Virus and explore some different angles. There is a lot going on amidst all of the panic, more than meets the eye.

David Icke’s banned video on London Real

Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s video

Jon Rappaport’s Audio Presentations: Fake Pandemic

The WHO’s own Numbers

Covid-19 and 5G

Largest Economic Shock of our Lifetimes

Housing Market Crash

Intermittent Lock-downs

LA Shelter in Place

UK Virus Laws: Power Grab

Households Warned to Prepare for Blackouts

10 More Experts Criticizing the Coronavirus Panic

47 Million Americans may go Jobless

2010 Rockefeller Paper and the New Normal

US Unemployment 6.6 Million

Pandemic Drones

Adventures in the Earth Game: Observations form the Asylum

Police State Insanity!
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  • Thanks Doug thanks David :-)nice joining together of imperative information in these times of the great unveiling peace all have a great weekend Bstong#Bfocused# walk in the light

    • Thanks brother! We appreciate the support. So much mindfuckery going on. I’m just so amazed at how willing people are to kowtow to authority.

    • Thanks for the support. It’s great to be reminded there are like-minded people out there. I hope we can all get through this and maybe open a few eyes in the process.

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