We are born into an artificial, overlaid superimposed reality, an illusory, psychological prison, a simulacrum.

Our entire lives are guided by unseen forces which through perceptual conditioning and the manipulation of human consciousness, have erected a control paradigm that enslaves the mind from cradle to grave. This book examines aspects of this manipulation and offers ideas as to how one may achieve cognitive freedom and transcendence of the control structure.

Humanity currently faces a crucial turning point, a critical juncture in its Earthly Sojourn. The fork in the road has been reached and the decision must be made as to where we are going as a species. Will humanity choose the road of unity and come together as a family, despite their differences or will they walk the road that leads to extinction? The choice is an individual one.

Welcome to the carnival of the insane, the blood-soaked madhouse where the lunatics have completely taken over the asylum. Within the walls of the surreal circus bizarre all things are allowed, and all manner of decadence is on open display for all to see and experience. Witness the lunacy and immerse yourself within the madness that captivates the senses and winds its contorted designs around the very consciousness.

This book takes a macabre look at life in the Earth game and strikes a balance between being informative and just plain creepy without leaving the reader in a state of hopelessness. It exposes the machinations of the current superimposed reality from a unique perspective and examines the situation that surrounds the inmates and threatens their very extinction and yet, offers ideas as to how one may free their consciousness from the confines of the psychological and emotional prison paradigm.