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  • Great audio as always Doug the world is falling but our spirts will rise brother peace { got me thinking i might watch the film End of days again come out in year 2000 } we defiantly have our finger on the pulse 🙂

    • Yes indeed. Thank you! This is a short one but I like composing the music for these short clips. I’ve been looking a lot into what is occurring in many of the major cities like Seattle, L.A. San Fran and elsewhere and it’s unbelievable. Thanks Paul!

  • Great job, Doug. It made me want to run out and speak some truth to power. Better than a shot of espresso! The images from these cities are unbelievable. The nearest city of any size to the Adirondack bunker I live in is Utica NY. And with as many problems as Utica has, I imagine the police would intervene before I even had the chance to finish setting up my tent. I had a friend who was technically homeless for a while and he lived in a tent deep, deep in the woods. I hiked out to one of the spots where he had stayed and we walked for hours before we got to the site. It was as deep into nowhere as you can get in NY state and the park rangers still found him and told him he had to move!

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