AI and the Singularity: audio presentation

On Dec. 18, 2017, I published an article titled: Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity. I decided to present it in audio format and add some off the cuff remarks to what I feel is a very important topic. I thank all of my readers and listeners for the support and feedback. It’s been an absolutely amazing experience getting to know some of you personally as well and I am grateful to each of you for the light that you bring to this world. Walk in peace.



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  • Shame George Carlin’s not around to comment on the ‘smart toilet’, he’d have got some mileage out of that one… as a starting point! 🙂

    • Right! Imagine: “Beeep…smart toilet, analyzing poop…Smart toilet has determined that you need more fiber in your diet.” Sometimes you just have to have a laugh at this madhouse of a world we live in. Thanks as always for the comment!

  • A very simple analogy for opting to become an eternal human being would be opting to become an eternal chrysalis. A stunted, if eternal, point of singularity. Bring it on!

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