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  • Thanks, Doug. I needed the pep talk. We’ve got to remember what this is all about. The consortium is getting more and more blatant in their power-grabbing moves. What astonishes me is how little people are questioning what’s going on. People are virtually begging to have their personal freedoms taken away.

    • Yes, that’s because they have given their minds completely over to the illusion. Critical thinking has been bred out of them and they worship authority, be it in the form of a talking head politico, a medical “expert,” the tripe they see on TV, or some sucker of Satan’s cock like Gates or Faucci. If you tell them the truth, you are a threat to their cognitive illusion so you must be a crazy “conspiracy nut.”

      They are empty headed meat golems who have grown accustomed to acquiescing their minds and their very spirits. Turds in the bowl I tell ya, and we have to let them go. It’s their choice to remain blind in the face of truth. It’s astounding how even when everything turns upside down and is laid bare for all to see, they still cling to the lie and find comfort in their illusions. They are disempowered, frightened little sheeple with no balls and no soul! Naive little children with no original thought. The lying CDC or the spiritually devoid politicians or news reporters will tell them everything they need to know. You could march these people at gunpoint into a concentration camp and they would think it was for their own good. They have absolutely no sense of history and for all intents and purposes they are dead. End Game!

  • Church services are being broken up by the police in the United States! Red Dawn should be mandatory viewing for everyone in school. The crazy irony is that the remake was supposed to be about China occupying the US but the Chinese objected and said the movie wouldn’t be access to Chinese markets. So the producers changed the enemy to North Korea. In other words, China effectively censored an American movie about the evil of communism. Where is Patrick Swayze when the world needs him now more than ever?

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