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  • My brother…yes yes yes! You are there! Now is the time to put to rest the useless anger. It is not for any of us who are awake to awaken the dreamer that resides in others. They must awaken on their own at their own appointed time. Is it sad to watch our fellow brothers and sisters sleepwalk through this intense time?… of course it is. But it is not our job to show them to the exit of their dream. Now is the time for us…those who are awake and on the road to discovering our true inner God, to stand together on that path, and to not stray. We must walk our path, for it is ours alone to walk towards our divine destiny. Yes…let the dead bury the dead Doug. Our only job is to be a light for those who are in the dark searching for help and wisdom.

    • Very eloquent my sister. You’re right. It’s a parting of the ways and I think that it’s important to stay centered. Let the dead play out their dramas. As always, walk in peace my friend!

  • I saw a video of some people shopping for toilet paper that looked like a scene from “Roller Ball”. Of course “Roll” has another meaning here. Great job, Doug.

  • Its time my friend… never in my lifetime did I think I would actually live to see this day and never in my lifetime has my focus been so resolute amid the low vibration! It is time to save that energy folks or the harvesting leeches will suck every last drop from you… it is time to walk away from the slumbering… it is time to embrace the madness and look within… it is time to strengthen your bond with your innermost rays of light… It is time to release that spark of divinity we posses… most importantly, its time to ensure we continue the journey as the path will only get narrower!

    Love here from the UK bro…

    • Very well said brother! Whatever the actual situation, panic us gripping the entire world, and like you, my focus is laser sharp. Like I said, I think that subconsciously, we’ve been preparing for this for our entire lives. Take good care my friend!

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